Get These 6 Awesome Bruce Lee Books (For Free!)

75 years.

That’s how old Bruce Lee would have been, if he was still alive.

It’s no understatement that his impact was huge in the martial arts world.

Although many people only knew him as a kung-fu actor, his numerous books reveal a true “Karate Nerd” mindset under that charming smile, deadly sidekick and 6-pack abs.

Today I want to celebrate Bruce Lee’s 75th birthday with you.

That’s why I’m GIVING AWAY six of his best books – for FREE.

(Yup, you read that right!)

Click here to enter this FREE book giveaway.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Richard Bergelius who won the books!



  • raza ali
  • Ossu! It's a good thing you've taught us about breathing because this giveaway might make us karate nerds hyperventilate ;-)
  • Florian Pean
    It's my birthday (well 28th November anyway) and these would go well with the 6 x Jackie Chan movies I just got. ;)
  • Rob
    Congratulations, Richard!
  • Abhishek Kumar Raju
  • I'm a huge bruce lee fan .he's one of my idols growing up
    • How do I get the free. Looks on Bruce lee one of my idol's growing up and would love to learn more about him and his philosophies

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