How To Get Lower Karate Stances [VIDEO]

Do you want lower Karate stances?

Today is your lucky day!

I just released a new video of my favorite exercise for deeper stances.

This exercise will give you amazing results if you follow my instructions.

Please watch all the way to the end.

Good luck!

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  • ricardo
    Great articule by Jesse sensei.
    • Thank you Ricardo-san! Good luck with training :-)
  • Akshar
    Awesome jesse san thx for the exercise but can you tell the minimum distance or steps to travel before reaching the floor ? Keep writing :)
    • Robert K
      Don't overthink it Akshat. Vary the steps and see what works. Champions generally make it hurt more so they might drop 1 cm at a time and do many, many steps. Others might do 2,4, 6 cm at a step. Of course, this must be weighed against being stupid and not overdoing (to be blunt). Listen to your body but remember, your body talking starts out as a spoiled brat.
  • Greg
    How do I improve on my blocks and punches ???
    • By practicing them! :-) What exactly do you want to improve?
  • Andrei
    I want the book, Jesse san. What's the procedure? Search on Amazon? :)
  • Karate nerd cuber
    my knee pains when i sit in deep stances.what to do?
  • Warren
    Although definitely a good leg strength exercise lower stances have very few practical combat applications. Even kata low low stances would only be appeasing old school JKA senseis. Don't see a lot of really deep stances in WKF competitions.
  • Tony
    I've recently returned to karate training after 18 year gap. I pretty much spent one year now reviewing all the basics. My stances, especially in kata were too high back then, and now my instructor (same one) says i need to get and stay lower. I normally start out in a nice low stance then raise up as the technique or kata progresses. I have started to try your gradual lower the walking stance drill, so far i can tell in my whole body something is different or better. I will let you know as time goes by. Thanks Tony

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