Hi there,

It’s Jesse here.

I got something important to tell you:

The Karate world is not what it used to be. During the recent modernization
of our wonderful martial art, some CRITICAL details were lost along the way.

What used to be a simple, logical and highly functional martial art has in many
places been reduced to a theatrical spectacle, consisting of impractical techniques,
outdated training methods, inflexible mindsets and so-called McDojos™.

It’s time to take a look at what being a Karate practitioner REALLY means.

It’s time to step back and rediscover the “essence” of Karate.

It’s time to become a Karate Nerd™

Here’s the deal:

In the FREE guide below, I will give YOU my exact formula for becoming
a complete “Karate Nerd” through embracing the UNIQUE mindset that separates
those who “get” Karate from those who don’t “get it” (and probably never will).


I will show you my PROVEN methods for discovering, exploring and understanding
stuff in Karate you didn’t even REALIZE was important – through my usual approach of
blending introspection, knowledge and humor in an easy-to-understand manner.

And I’m sure you’ll LOVE it.

Now, take your Karate to the next level.

Become an official Karate Nerd™ today!

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”

– Lucius Plutarchus (46 – 120 AD)





  • Hazel Brown
    Hi Jessy! I enjoy watching you perform karate and I like the tips, advice and suggestions. Thank you for sharing your techniques and for inspiring me.
  • Kiara
    Great job Jesse I love ur work
  • You have actually created some exceptional points here. I specifically appreciate the way you've been able to stick so much thought into a relatively short post (comparitively) which creates it an thoughtful publish on your subject. In my opinion, you've presented the topic in a quite thorough yet concise manner, that is genuinely useful when somebody wants to get the facts without spending too a lot time searching the web and sifting out the noise to discover the answers to their questions. I usually get so frustrated with so plentiful in the final results inside the major SE's due to the fact they normally seem to mostly be filled with filler content that often isn't extremely sensible. If you don't mind I'm going to add this post and your webpage to my delicious favorites so I can share it with my family. I appear forward to approaching back to read your future posts as well. vivienne westwood watches http://www.viviennenwestwood.com
  • Michael Passley
    Jesse, I love karate. Why I love karate? It is a flexibility and an art. The exercise is very good and how an individual can defend himself from his or her opponent. Indeed, this art is a programme that anybody can do regardless of their age. I want to know more about this technique, because I would like to be a flexible person in it. I saw you and Jake doing a demonstration on YouTube. That 16 minutes demonstration was an enjoyable. The comparison was an excellent one. Keep practicing and teaching those whose desire to master the art of karate.
  • Rebekka Knoch
    I would love to have that 7-day-email guide, but for some reason the sign-up from my mobile phone doesn't work. What a pity! Anyways, I enjoy watching you every time I find something interesting to me.
  • Chris
    When is the next karate nerd experience so I can go on it? I would like to do that.
  • Lee
    Absolutely loving your videos and humble approach Jessie. I head asked what belt I was and I stated I am a beginner in shotokan karate a 7th kyo. I then said that a belt means nothing, the experience and work you put in means more than any belt around your waist. With that in mind Thank you for your teachings and continual hard work to inspire us. Ossu ?
  • Shanavas
    Hai jesse fine my name is shan before I practice in my dojo kum ma karatha dojo my son ia also practice in his school but he can make a good master
  • Claudio Silvestre
    Hello Jesse, I've been watching your videos on youtube and man, you rock! Very good interviews, explanations and even classes about Karatê history. Very glad to have found your material. It's very cool that watching and reading your material I get even more motivated to my Karate training. By the way, my Sensei uses very traditional training techniques and all I see here and in your videos are really related to the training sessions I take about 2 or 3 times a week. Thanks Bro! Keep up the EXCELENT work! Claudio Silvestre Piracicaba, Brazil
  • robert smith
    Like this website. I trained in Karate when I was 18 then upon moving to Denver in my mid 20's , from NJ I studied Japanese Jiu-jitsu, I have to admit I found not only the art but the training and teaching better. I am currently after researching and several different arts and schools leaning towards Hapkido. I am now 61 and been away from training for some time. Tried Kook Sul Won when I got here to Seattle in the early 1990's but found it very ineffectual and quit early on. Now I want to get back in shape and liked training in martial arts better then the typical going to a gym. The reason I am writing this is to say I befitted from Karate. Of course I was younger but still remember it built my body up, was a great social thing to be involved in . Among the techniques and sparing there was hitting the big bag, and the stretching of the legs, the yoga like stretches, I remember we used to do 40 pushups, rest then 30 rest, 20 rest and the last 10 slow on the first 2 knuckles. Did judo at same school briefly did the same push up routine but on finger tips My point is maybe there are other more street affective arts but there are still benefits to any training and there is nothing wrong with cross training include an art that has grappling and ground fighting. I have recently stated doing the real slow punching and kick routines in conjuction with correct breathing and concentrating on KI devolpment. One of many benefits of the training
  • Barry Rodgers
    Hi Jesse. I am a karateka in Alberta, Canada. I am interested in the influence that Kanga Sakugawa had on Sokon Matsumura. Would you be able to shed some light on this, given Matsumura’s dated 1809-1899 and Sakugawa’s 1733-1815.
  • Oss sensei am gunasekaran from india.am practice in shito ryu karate in india from 1980 ,I got 4th don from india chief on 2009. I am still in practice karate, am would like to join your under control and practice in karate.
  • Hi jesse what videos you recommend from me and what books your recommend from and thanks jesse.
  • Edmárcio Rodrigues
    É muito gratificante poder ver pessoas de mente aberta quando se trata de arte marcial e karatê. O conteudo é muito claro e faz pessoas de mentes fechadas e ritualisticas repenssarem sobre suas práticas de anos. Parabéns Jesse por pensar fora da caixa!
    • Hi Jesse. I am a karateka in Alberta, Canada. I am interested in the influence that Kanga Sakugawa had on Sokon Matsumura. Would you be able to shed some light on this, given Matsumura’s dated 1809-1899 and Sakugawa’s 1733-1815. REPLY

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