How To Improve Your Side Kick (Yoko-Geri) VIDEO

I confess:

I used to SUCK at performing the side kick (“yoko-geri” in Japanese).

Until I learned a few ESSENTIAL details for executing it with power & speed…

Today I want to share these details in a secret video!

The video was originally made for members of Karate Nerd Insider™.

Karate Nerd Insider™ is my private video club, where you receive a new video every week – containing principles, techniques & exercises to improve your Karate.

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This is the ONLY video I will ever make public from Karate Nerd Insider™.


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Cheers! : -)



  • Ernst Glz
    Good video, great tutorial for the Side kic, Yoko geri, Yop chagui (Korean). Btw, never say never. :)
  • Bucksmallsy
    Excellent piece of information. So many westerners say "geri" and then wonder why when in Japan at training, the other Kohai look back at them , and or stare, and or giggle.
  • Samy
    I m vr impressed with ur teaching techniques Master Jesse. Keep up with ur work. I wish u well in all ur endeavour.
  • Roae
    Kool, those exercise routine hurts, but but works. Danca
  • Jarri Nitiseno
    Amazing video, its very helpful for to improve my karate skill. Thank a lot Sensei.You are trully great karate teacher.
  • bijumujahid
    Hi iam ablack beltin karate when twist twoe thigh become like arubber band i have the same ecperience sir
  • Asia
    Is this yoko geri keage or yoko geri kikomi?
  • Karate nerd cuber
    can we use yoko geri in street fights
  • Alsa
    Why I can't make my leg straight? :'(
  • Michael Loughrie
    "Well, it actually means diarrhea." lol
  • Mark Mahanets
    Well done Jesse! For a nerd your Yoko-gery is very good! just a little note, tell your students not to practice jodan yoko-gery if they struggle with flexibility, specially man!
    • Mark Mahanets
      I forgot to mention... your jodan yoko-geri is impresive, that's way the mention of flexibility for men!
  • Anamaria Heé
    Thank you for your Videos and Experience sharing! I am actually Traditional TaekwonDo Nerd, and a newy in the Budo Arts (I practice it consistently since only 1 year and 5 months now). You are a great inspiration! Thank you!
  • freddie
    that's amazing , that stretching you demonstrated is also done in traditional shaolin
  • John
    Could do the full lotus yoga exercise no problem. Always found because I could do that, I was fast at Jodan Keage . (we called high snap kick ).But was no help with my side kick .

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