Behind the Scenes of “KARATE ON FIRE!” [Video]

Holy cow!

Did you see KARATE ON FIRE! yet?

In 3 days, it reached 558 000 people… on Facebook only! 

It’s my first “viral” Karate video and I’m super happy.

The comments have been very positive so far. It makes me glad to hear that I can inspire people to improve their Karate techniques, motivation and spirit.


Punching & kicking those candles wasn’t as easy as it looks.

Check out this new video, where I explain how we made KARATE ON FIRE!

What do you think? ; -)

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PS. If you have ideas for my next video, let me know.


  • My college degree is in television production, so I'm always fascinated by "behind the scenes" stuff. Thank you! And really, it helps to know black belts have things they find challenging - it really drives home to me that I won't ever be bored with Karate. I already gave you my best storyline ideas when I tried to guess what this video would be about, LOL ;-) How about a video about teaching? That's a topic near and dear to my heart :-)
    • Awesome Joelle-san! :-) Thanks, much appreciated. Loved your storyline ideas!
  • Jesse, sir! I actually love this video more than the finished product! When something is done well, the work involved is largely invisible. It's only when you look behind the scenes that the true vision, passion, and determination become evident. Thank you for showing so much of the real you working hard and doing what you love... that's the true inspiration.
    • Thanks sensei Ando! That's fun to hear. I will make sure to keep doing "behind the scenes" stuff for my future work. Cheers!
  • Paul Hornbogen
    Keep up the good work Jesse. Really enjoy your website
    • Thank you Paul-san! I will. Keep reading & watching!
  • Jim Sorrell
    The Karate on Fire video was superb. I mentioned it to my dojo sensei and they said they've done similar demonstrations, including kiai's to extinguish candles. I've experimented on such techniques at home. It is a study in self-control. Thanks for the video.
  • Anne Howie
    Hi Sensei, Thank you so much for this video. It is amazing. I want to have a go and see if I can blow any candles out with a technique. It's something to aim for, anyway! You asked for ideas for your next videos - what about a series, one for each of the elements: fire, water, earth and air?
  • Lenny
    very cool!
    • Thanks Lenny-san! Much appreciated.
  • Tristen
    Hello Jesse, I'm doing web design for my dojo and I'm hoping to get your permission to report your articles on the website. Of course full credit will be given to you as the author and a link back to your site.
    • Sure Tristen-san! Go ahead :-)
  • Thomas Chippendale
    Wow, interesting technique sure I will watch thus video will try to learn that technique. Though I am taking training on Martial art and already have a DVD on Martial techniques ordered from "WKC Martial Arts Supplies".
  • i know there is lot of hard work behind the camera, what ever you to in front of people that conclusion of you hard work.
  • Keith
    Hey Jesse, Thanks for sharing the behind-the-scenes of this one. I was wondering if you were able to do most of the candles in nearly one take when I first saw the finished video. Having done a little bit of acting in local, modest budget films, I know it can be exciting to do take after take and then finally see the finished, seamless product unfold before your eyes! That was always the most fun for me. I hope you were happy with how everything came together in the end. It looks great. And, of course I had to light a candle to see if I could blow it out with a punch! Your video had better results. I think I require the advantage of the snap from a well-starched gi sleeve. My fist alone didn't do it. :D
  • This was an awesome inspiration video, you touched my heart! May I ask you a question? Can we send videos of our karate work to you so you will judge our work and give us advices and it would be great if you would tell us how to do it better? And this one is a personal question:Witch one do you like most fighting on tatami or doing kata? I would be very happy if you would answer my question.
  • Erin
    Hey Jesse, I just came across this video today. What kata are you doing? Beautiful technique and flow, well done.

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