Karate is like fire. 

Without control, it can be destructive…

Watch this NEW video, where I demonstrate the power of self-control:

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PS. Here’s “behind the scenes”:


  • Marouf
    Such a great video , And a great martial artist like you Jesse-San .. not only a powerful knowledge .. but a powerful performance too .. i hope we will see more like this video soon .. Jesse-San You're the real deal ;) ...
    • Thanks Marouf-san! The video is going viral on Facebook and Youtube as we speak. I will release a "behind the scenes" video later this week, so everyone can see how "KARATE ON FIRE!" was made. Stay tuned and #MasterYourFire! :-)
      • Marouf
        Yup . i cant count the comments right now .. you fired the social up .. I will ;)
    • Thanks man! Hope you share it with your friends!
  • OSSU and BOO YEAH! Awesome demo!!! (Kids - don't try this at home)
    • Thanks Joelle-san! That's right ;-)
      • Rehan
        So nice demo thnks
  • Daniela
    Awesome! And really inspiring! Many thanks to share it, Jesse-san.
    • Thanks Daniela-san, glad you liked it!
  • Kareem
    True inspiration. Last candle did it for me!
    • Thanks Kareem-san, the last candle is the "icing on the cake"! ;-)
  • Ben Brown
    Jesse-San , Nothing less than flipping wicked !!! Definitely saving that puppy! Someone just needs to come up with an emoji that shows bowing , cuz that deserves it ! Ben
    • Awesome Ben-san! Thank you very much - keep keepin' it real! ;-)
  • Bayu
    So thats the video you were talkin about. Its much more better than i expected. You are a great martial artist!
    • Thank you Bayu-san! Glad you liked it. :-)
  • Aditya
    Jesse, this is honestly the best creative karate video I've ever seen. You are the definition of awesome, hope to meet you soon. regards, Aditya
    • Thanks Aditya-san, you are too kind! :-)
  • James
    Amazing video. If I could move just half as well as that, I'd be happy.
    • Practice, practice, practice... :-)
  • Loïc
    Awesome video Jesse, amazing technique right there. I just have one question though: As a TKD practitioner, I am not really familiar with karate katas, are you performing a specific kata in the video ? Or maybe short sequences extracted from several katas, or just "random" movements fitting the candles position ?
    • Thanks! The techniques were picked from different styles/kata and improvised by me. You will see what I mean in the "behind the scenes" video coming out tomorrow. Cheers!
      • Loïc
        Can't wait to see that one :)
  • Robbert
    Very inspiring and very very nice soft and quick strong movements! It just flows! Deep bow from the Netherlands!
    • Thanks Robbert-san! Much appreciated. Cheers!
  • Ben Brown
    Jesse-San, If I may add, you mentioned that the video consisted of different styles and katas plus a little improv , if I'm not mistaken that's a perfect example of knowing the rules, breaking the rules , and making the rules! Better known as Shuhari- (Shu-Ha-Ri)! And Boom goes the dynamite ! Ben
  • Veronica Tingzon
    Although it is extremely evident that Jesse-San is a highly skilled martial artist with excellent technique and it was a cool display, it was all too self-important for my taste. It is the embodiment of exactly what I don't like about boastful, braggart martial artistry. It is too over the top with the deep announcer voice and the Asian music making it appear as you are the zen master. Jesse-San, I refer to your writing all the time when I teach because I feel you capture the true essence if "the way" usually. You give great historical facts and have always given me much food for thought in my own journey as a martial artist. But, this video puts you into a category of soapy other martial artists that want to proclaim to the world how great they are. When you are great, people know it!
    • Thanks for chiming in Veronica-san! Too bad you didn't like it. It's my most popular video ever, so it's seems you are in the minority. Remember to relax, have fun, enjoy life, kick ass and let me know if you have any ideas for future videos. Thanks for supporting my work! :-)
  • Frank
    Nice one Jesse, liked it, because I know you but it may seem a little too much for somebody who doesn't know you personally (see the post from Veronica Tingzon)
    • Thanks Frank-san! You are right. Hopefully the positive majority outweighs the negative minority - so I reach new people to share my passion with. Keep training & take care Frank-san!
  • :-) Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. Me, I like drama and flair. We do it all the time in tournaments starting the very instant we step up to the mats. Kata is very over-the-top. Show of hands - who's used a perfect, pure Pinan Godan kata start (that purposeful walk to the center of the area) to finish (backing out of the area) against a real street gang? It's drama - and it's fun!!! Granted we don't have cool music, candles and deep shadows, but that's part of the fun of making a video. With a video you can add that fun over-the-top stuff that people grin to see. It's the aspect of fun that makes crafting a video worth it. And I do say craft because as both a television producer (by education) and a baby beginner martial artist, I can tell you the "making of" video only showed a tiny little bit of the work involved. Sure it's a teeny bit over-the-top. But that's what makes it very fun both to make and to watch. Every single martial-arts movie I've ever watched has been over-the-top, and it's understandable if some people don't care for that. People have different tastes and opinions. Didja catch the word I keep using over and over? Fun. Three letters, tiny word, really important. I'll let everyone in on a secret - it's the aspect of fun that keeps me motivated to practice kata, to get better at sparring, and to someday teach. Karate is wicked awesome stuff and I find a lot of joy in doing it well (or at least as well as can be expected from a 7th kyu beginner, LOL). I understand if some don't think videos like this are appropriate. People have different tastes. I appreciate it that opinions have been expressed respectfully. My point is let's not lose perspective. Some of us think it's fun, some of us don't. That's OK. We need different opinions. We need a little nudge to examine the true spirit of something like this. We need these different opinions to hold us accountable. I'm betting the true spirit of this video is to get people to think and yeah, a spirit of fun that really isn't much different than the fun of getting up in front of a crowd and performing a kata in a tournament. If there is ego involved, that's only natural - even in a belt test there's an aspect of "Hey, look at me - look what I can do!" I think a psychologist would agree that a teeny bit of ego is a good motivator for hard work :-) And I do appreciate the hard work that went into this video.
  • Gustavo Sosa
    Can you show some pictures of the correct way to do sanchin dachi? I strongly suspect they are teaching it wrong at my dojo, as it feels weird in my knees. I do Kyokushin.
  • Russ Kenyon
    What a fabulous video and a great display of techniques and control. Excellent.

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