10 Gift Ideas for Karate Practitioners

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Today I’ve curated a list of 10 Karate holiday gift ideas for you. 🙂

These are perfect for Karate Nerds who strive to develop their mind, body and spirit in the pursuit of perfection.

I use everything on this list!

Check it out:

1. Agility Ladder

Explosive footwork and speed is crucial for performance. That’s why the Agility Ladder is used by world-class combat athletes and sportsmen. Surprisingly, many Karate practitioners have not discovered this amazing tool yet! No matter if you’re a traditional or modern Karate practitioner, the Agility Ladder is useful. Get it here.

2. Training Journal

If I told you there was a dirt cheap tool that could boost your Karate like crazy, would you believe me? All you need is a training journal. After each Karate class, write down what went well, what went bad, what you can improve, and what you learnt. Gradually, this introspective process takes your Karate to new levels. Get it here.

3. Seishin Gi

Silky smooth, sharp, snappy, stylish & incredibly comfortable. Used by Japanese and Okinawan masters, international champions and dedicated Karate Nerds worldwide. The 500+ 5-star customer reviews (!) says it all. Available in male, female, kids and black option. Free shipping worldwide. Get it here.

4. Wall Mount Makiwara

As a kid, I remember seeing old masters smash their makiwara, a traditional wooden striking post, in Okinawa. They had badass knuckles! All legendary Karate master used the makiwara. I recommend the wall mount version. It can easily be installed and be removed, with good cushioning to protect your joints. Get it here.

5. Strength Training for Karate

It’s no secret that many Karate practitioners are held back by their physical limits. Strength Training for Karate is a progressive step-by-step resistance training program divided into 3 levels, specifically designed for Karate practitioners who want functional training to improve their Karate, strength and health. Download and put on USB for a great gift. Get it here.

6. Rumble Roller

In our quest for developing strength and power in Karate, we often lose our suppleness and flexibility. But hardness is useless without softness. Get a foam roller. My favorite is Rumble Roller. It loosens up your stiff connective tissue (fascia) to aid recovery. Get it here.

7. KNX18 Videos

KNX (The Karate Nerd Experience) is my annual seminar where dedicated Karate Nerds from around the globe gather to explore the art and science of Karate. This year’s KNX18 takes place in Okinawa – the birthplace of Karate. The professional videos are now available to order. Get it here.

8. Resistance Bands

I’ve seen people use weighted vests for Karate training. That’s good. But resistance bands are even better. Why? Because they enable multi-functional resistance exercises in the horizontal plane, which is more specific to the neuromuscular demands of Karate. You can strap the resistance bands to your wrists, ankles or waist. Get it here.

9. The Dow of Master Ken

From the creator of the hit web series “Enter The Dojo” with over 50 million YouTube views comes the most hilarious self defense book ever written. Master Ken (11th Degree Black Belt) explains his most famous techniques such as “The Hurticane”, “The Thrust of Freedom” and, of course, the dreaded “Kill Face”. Get it here.

10. Karate Flexibility & Mobility

Last but not least- my most popular online training. Thousands of Karate Nerds have used these 50 exercises to improve their range of movement to achieve those high kicks and deep stances they dream about. Great combination together with #5 for a strong yet supple body. Get it here.


Happy holidays! 🙂

– Jesse


  • Esa
    Shureido Wall Mount Makiwara is out of stock :( Anywhere else where I could buy it? Anyone have experience using it?
    • You could try getting it via Google. I have years of experience using it :-)
  • Want to watch videos. Great post Jesse..!!
  • Ben Brown
    Jesse-San , Will the karate nerd shirts be available again, and how can I get one ?
    • Yes! Karate Nerd t-shirts will be available worldwide 2016. You'll be able to get one when they're released. Stay tuned. :-) Thanks Ben-san!
  • Rob
    Just waiting eagerly for the Seishin Gi to be available in black! I know you're trying to figure out a dying process where the black doesn't fade to a dark blue or purple after a few washes and it's that exact attention to quality that makes it so appealing.
  • Arne B
    Hi Jesse, That mug is totally perfect, the best Christmas gift I could ever imagine! Thanks for all the nice suggestions! All the best, Arne
    • Thanks Arne-san! Glad you liked it. Happy holidays my friend!
  • Darren
    I was thinking of starting a journal but I was curious if it should just be focused on training in class? Most of my training happens outside of class.
    • What gets measured gets better! :-)
  • Found number 2 under the Christmas tree. :-) A very interesting reading! Merry Christmas and Happy New Karate Year, Jesse-san!
  • Diego Fernando Ruiz Patino
    A Beer Barrel can also be very appreciated by any karate-ka for christmas :-)
  • Bhaskar Sen
    Hey Jesse-san! I hope you remember me from Vegas! Knocked in to ask if you recorded some videos in Linz this year? Great gifts though! :)
    • Hey Bhaskar-san! Nice meeting you in Vegas :-) No filming this year, sorry. Thanks for chiming in!
  • Amaan
    Hi jesse san i recently started to see your post and i love it i am a beginner in muay thai and my question is that can muay thai and karate ever compliment each othet can there be a sync between them?
  • Thanks Jesse! Too bad I'm the only one in the family who loves karate... must forward onto Mum. Cheers
  • Daniel Nobles
    Great post. I love your site.

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