Learn Traditional Kobudo Weapons From Okinawa

Everyone knows Karate means “empty hand” in Japanese.

But did you also know the old masters practiced weapons in Okinawa – the birthplace of Karate?

Today, we refer to these weapons as Kobudo (lit. ‘old martial ways’).

Unfortunately, Kobudo was largely forgotten during the modernization of Karate in mainland Japan.

It’s time to revive this lost art!

I’ve launched an online course called “Kobudo Mastery” that teaches you bo (staff), sai, tonfa, kama, nunchaku, tekko, eiku, tinbe & rochin.

Check out kobudomastery.com now!

PS. This is not the modern “flashy” Kobudo where you backflip and throw your weapons in the air. This is the original Okinawan method that I have been studying my whole life.


  • I stopped learning Okinowan Karate 16 years ago (second dan black belt). I have forgotten alot of it, but some of it is stuck in my memory and am trying to retrieve it to teach my daughter whom has a keen interest in Karate after viewing the tv series 'Cobra Kai'. There is a karate renaissance going on. Your web site and Youtube videos are very good, and very close to what I remember learning about. I took detailed notes years ago, which I have kept - but now trying to figure out what I wrote about (this was before I could do videos). Anyways, your videos have helped job my memory!! thanks!
  • Moha
    how much it takes to replay for the free 7 days deal ? i ame new to this website so i ame sorry if this borring you

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