How To Get 1000 Karate Students [VIDEO]

“What’s your secret?”

That’s what I asked my friend when I heard he has 1000 Karate students.

His answer is amazing!

Check out my latest video to hear it…

By the way – since I got such a positive response from Karate Nerd in Okinawa, I started to film all my trips.

For example, here are my two latest seminars in Portugal and Luxembourg:

My next seminars are in Canada, Spain, Netherlands, USA, Germany and Norway. 

I’ll do my best to film those trips too. After a decade of blogging, it’s refreshing to make “vlogs” now!

Is there anything special you’d like to see?

Let me know! 🙂


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  • Sourabh
  • Joanna beattie
    Loved watching your seminars! They not only look informative,but really fun! You have a great repore with the students.
    • Much appreciated! Karate should be fun :-) And since I've been teaching half my life, it comes "naturally" ;-)
  • Laura
    Hey Jesse, are you planning to be in Switzerland sometime? That would be great!!! Thanks :)
    • Jonas
      +1 from Switzerland!
        • Jo
          Basel would be better (SSKF) :)
          • Thomas
            If you are in Switzerland I join aswell. Location does not matter, everything is close compared to other countries. Maximum traveltime 3 hrs by car...
  • Claude
    I practice in a small Dojo in Central America. Your work is inspiring to say the least, your classes are engaging and purposeful, awesome insights. Best regards from a Shotokan practitioner.
  • Emmett
    Hi Jesse, I'm not a karate nerd, more of a general martial arts nerd, I teach several but love japanese jujitsu, and goshin jitsu. I'm always trying to improve my self, first as a martial artist and secondly as a sensei, and have found your blogs/vlogs/YouTube vids inspiring. Keep it up buddy, the world needs more sensei like yourself.
  • Amalio Alvarez
    hola felicitaciones gran trabajo , sigo tus videos, soy de uruguay practivante de goju kai.estaria muy bueno una version en español o con buenos subtitulos ,saludos osu

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