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My name is Jesse Enkamp. I’m a passionate "Karate Nerd", who grew up in his parents' dojo.

I publish educational content that elevates the collective consciousness of Karate - regardless of style, rank or age.

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“I love Jesse’s Zen-like simplicity & cartoon-like approach! He’s attracting new people to historical material in a very innovative way.”
– Hanshi Patrick McCarthy
Founder, IRKRS & Koryu Uchinadi
“Jesse’s articles open the eyes of both traditional & modern Karate-ka around the world.”
– Dr. Lucio Maurino
22 World & European Titles (WKF)
“I greatly enjoy Jesse’s work. The ‘gun kata’ in particular is one of the funniest martial spoofs I’ve seen in ages! Fantastic stuff!”
– Iain Abernethy
UK’s #1 Applied Karate Expert
“Karate is bullsh*t. Jesse can’t even break a board correctly.”
– “Master Ken”
11th degree, Ameri-Do-Te

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