The World’s Best Karate Gi?

It started with a simple question:

“Why is there no perfect Karate gi?”

Ugly karate gi uniformHaving owned dozens of Karate uniforms, including expensive brands from Japan, I was never 100% satisfied.

Either they were too big, too small, too heavy, uncomfortable or just… weird.

I felt like a freak. 🙁

All I wanted was a silky smooth, sharp, snappy, stylish, crisp and comfortable gi.

Was that too much to ask?

Something had to be done – so I decided to engineer the “perfect” Karate gi, using the incredible power of crowdfunding.

The result was epic!


The Seishin Gi

(Click here to visit Seishin’s webshop)

“The way a gi should feel!”

Developed, designed and refined in Okinawa – based on hundreds of textile samples and data points gathered through real-time customer feedback online.

Available in black or white color, with different sizes for men, women and kids.

Honestly, it took way longer than expected.

(You could say we became a little obsessed with details…)

That’s why Seishin is unlike ANY other gi you’ve ever had.

Check it out.


There are over 253 (!) 5-star customer reviews on the Seishin webshop already and we’ve shipped to 46 countries.

People love Seishin’s unique feeling, the “fits-like-a-glove” cut, the attention to details (especially the pants) and the revolutionary story it tells.

We even have local resellers in Canada, USA, UK, Russia, Australia, NZ etc…

But that’s not all!

The feedback I get on a daily basis from “Karate Nerds” who supported the Seishin campaign blows my mind, and I’m forever grateful for their trust.

Here’s what 3 readers said after receiving their Seishin gi:




And here’s the coolest part:

Famous Karate experts are loving it too!


(See more on the international webshop.)


What happens next?

Great question my friend.

As the Seishin revolution grows stronger, we launch new products to empower “Karate Nerds” around the world.

Seishin means ‘spirit’ in Japanese.

That’s what it’s all about!seishin-logo-small2

Sure, it started with a gi…

But there’s MUCH more to come!

You don’t wanna miss this. 😉


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