World Freezing Karate Masters Fund

People, we have a serious problem.

I don’t know if anybody has noticed this before, but Karate masters out there are freezing.



I’m not making this up. Throughout the history of Karate, masters have been cold for a very long time and nobody has tried to help them!

It’s terrible!

I mean, just see for yourself:

Funakoshi Gichin
Konishi Yasuhiro
Sakumoto Tsuguo
Motobu Choki
Yabiku Moden
Hironori Otsuka
Kosei Kokuba
Funakoshi with students (1928)
Mabuni Kenwa
Enoeda Keinosuke
Kadena Yoshie
Funakoshi with more students (1925)

Why has nothing been done?!

Obviously they are too proud to admit that they are freezing, but still, people should have noticed.

It’s time for a change, folks. Our Karate masters are freezing and we’re doing nothing about it!

Let’s save Karate!

Donate $25 to my Paypal account (‘jesse@karateby…’) and support the ‘World Freezing Karate Masters Fund’.

You can make a difference!


  • Kanbei
    Hey, Jesse sensei! I´m a Uechi Pangai Noon practitioner from spain and I´m actually enjoying your web. Karate by Jesse is one of the best martial sites I´ve ever seen on the net. Dude, you are really awesome. History, traditions, serious reflections about our beloved martial art and, of course, a great sense of humour... Go on and don´t stop, please. Greetings from Spain, dear sensei!
    • Wow, I don't know about the whole 'sensei' thing, but gracias! :)
  • gary
    No more saki for you, Jesse-san :)
    • I guess that Okinawan Awamori stuff is stronger than it looks...! :o
  • Matt
    I say this has been going on right under my nose and I had no idea! If we're not careful, one day we might be cold too.
    • That's what I've been trying to tell you guys! ;)
  • Diego Romero
    *ponders if this would be solved with wrist length gi sleeves*
  • Jaybee
    I'm confused. Too much saki for me! Are we donating to preserve the karate masters by freezing them!?
    • No, they are already freezing (as you can see by the pictures)! But your idea is quite good too... :) Some liquid nitrogen and we're ready to go!
  • Mike Jones
    Sounds like they need to drink more Awamori or Saki to heat up their core. Great Post.
  • Can I donate an amount which is lower than the price you said. I wanna help the Karate Masters but I don't have enough money to donate. So I want donate what my budget would can just to help. :)
    • OK, for everyone who didn't understand: It was just a joke. Please don't give me any money (oh it hurts to write this!) :)
  • Batman
    This is the article that got me onto your site, Jesse. You can thank Diego, as I do, for introducing me to this awesome place :)
  • They're doing it on purpose. Kangeiko all year long.

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