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I just released Episode 1 of my new docuseries “Karate Nerd in China” and the feedback has been amazing!

Did you see it yet? 🙂

The project was crowdfunded by 557 passionate Karate Nerds around the world, and took 3 months to complete. It covers the historical evolution of Karate – from China to Okinawa and beyond.

Starting this week, I’m releasing one episode each Sunday on my Youtube channel. Don’t miss them!

All episodes will continually be added here:

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Thanks for supporting my work!

– Jesse


  • AT
    Liked the video awesome. I am sure I will lead you further east to India point of origin. Keep it up Great Going
    • Thank you! I have to admit, with the amount of people telling me to visit India it's just a matter of time before it happens. Stay tuned :-)
      • Tomás
        Holly! , will we ever get to see the Karate Nerd practicing Kalaripayattu? :O!
        • Tomás
          autoreply: Why's a boba fett helmet my avatar? hahaha didn't remember that
  • Joshua Dharma
    My favorite Karate Nerd exploring the roots of Karate in China. This is epic. I was hoping for more video series from Okinawa and Japan...... However, I got something even better as I have always been super curious about White Crane Kung Fu so we can see the origins of True Karate. This is Nerdy stuff for the Nerds :) THANK YOU Sensei Jesse.
    • Awesome! Hope you saw my 2 seasons of "Karate Nerd in Okinawa" as well. Much more coming...
  • Luis Fabian Quiñonez
    Hola Sensei Jesse!!! Increíble video, vaya experiencia!!!! Y ansioso por ver los siguientes. Gran trabajo y muchas gracias por compartirlo. Coincido con Joshua Dharma al final terminarás en India. Buena suerte y Éxitos siempre. Luis!
    Hi Jesse, in this video you mention, based on the Bubishi, that Karate came from two Kung Fu styles, on of them White Crane, which one is the other one? Saludos desde México Jesús
  • Vic Young
    What an honor to be able to meet masters and walk the path of ancient masters! It's great that you're young and able to do what you do, thanks for sharing!
  • In Okinawan Karate all advanced techniques are open hand. Nothing new unless you practice Mainland Japanese karate. So is this visit Mainland China or Taiwan?

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