What is a Karate Nerd? [VIDEO]

Are you a Karate Nerd?

If you follow my work, you probably are!

(Especially if you’ve read the Free 7-Day Karate Nerd Guide).

But, what exactly is a “Karate Nerd”?

I’m glad you asked. Watch my new video:

If your friends love Karate, show them this! 🙂

PS. Read the free guide to become a Karate Nerd.


  • Jim
    Answer: NOT YOU :P ...and it's about time you posted some new stuff :P Jim
  • Jim
    Jesse-San - I know about that stuff ;) Just keep posting on this list as well :) Jim
  • Filip
    Hi Jesse, Just wanted to thank you for your blog and all your work. It was you and your ideas who revived the passion of Karate in me after a long pause. It also motivated me to re-think the whole concept of my Karate practice and to move from Shotokan Ryu to my own study of Okinawan Karate, following the path of Motobu Choki. So thank you again and I wish your project of Karate Nerd a lot of success! P.S. I sent you an email few weeks ago (a reply to your 7 day guide) regarding a guide for a solitary training of Karate, for those who are not lucky enough to have that much spare time to train or to go to a worthy Dojo. I hope you manage to respond once you have some time ;). Cheers! Filip
  • German Gazu
    Jesse-san Date after date I discover how deep are the marcial arts specially KARATE- DO.Thanks for your blog. Don't let down the fire of Karate. I hope to be in a seminar of Karate Nerd?
  • Prabhu Dayal Sharma
    Dear San Hush.....! It is great achievement to be a part of Karate nerd. Day by Day I m feeling my karate is techniques is getting high & high which is helping me lot to teach my student in a developed & improoved way. Thanx ...pls keep me attach with you.
  • Akshat
  • Ken Knight
    Loving the blog and loving karate nerd insider. Is there a way to buy the old karate nerd insider videos I missed?
  • divyanshu
    nice you look cool jesse-san
  • Aung saw moen
    Oss, sensei Jesse San How are you ? I hope you are fine ... thanks for your article and giving on every week .. well I don't know how much to say ... but Thankx ... At first I always complain my sensei that why don't you train me train me , I want to train with you , as he keeps on being very busy person ...i got depressed but through your article that " how to train alone"? I got my way to train ... And when also to teach the kids I got myself into trouble but by your article "how to teach kids"? I got my way over to teach .... All over thank you Your follower Aung saw moen in short AUNG ;)

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