Karate Ground Fighting (3 Videos)

Ground fighting is essential.

Yet, many Karate practitioners have not been taught it…

This is understandable. The original purpose of Karate was to finish an opponent with a single blow – standing up.

But times have changed…

Today, martial arts that include ground fighting dominate every combat sport; like MMA, BJJ and Wrestling.


For a Karate practitioner to remain ignorant about ground fighting is I-N-S-A-N-E.

Every modern martial artist learns takedowns, sweeps and throws today. This means YOU could end up on the ground.

Yet, many Karate practitioners don’t even know how to fall down, or stand up, correctly!

Time to make a change.

You need to learn the best ground fighting techniques for Karate. 

Luckily, I’ve put together a digital product for you, called “Karate Ground Fighting”.

Karate Ground Fighting is a 3-video bundle that teaches you EXACTLY what you need to know about ground fighting for Karate.

You see, the goal is not to fight on the ground. From a self-defense perspective, that’s dangerous.

  • The goal is to escape, defend, avoid and attack from the ground…
  • …so that you can stand up and do Karate!

Makes sense?

If you are interested in learning more, click here:

Link: Download “Karate Ground Fighting”


  • sidney morgan taylor
    Thank you so very much for bringing to light this important aspect of our art. most fights outside of dojos end up on the ground and most dojos train for tournaments so knowing how to work supine is essential for self defense. i just started my ground learning journey in Koryu Uchinadi and i love it! thanks for keeping us informed! hope to meet you in Okinawa @ KNX
    • Fantastic! Thank you so much. Hope to share the dojo with you at KNX18 in Okinawa! :-)
      • megha
        wow! knx18
  • Tigerstyle
    Hi Sensei, what are the running times of the videos?
    • The sessions filmed were approximately 2 hours each, but the films only consist of the instructor(s) teaching, not any students training.
  • Vivek hegde
    Its amazing Jesse uncle I liked it very much even my sensei liked it too
  • Sensei
    The WKF recently updated their kumite rules to ban two-handed throws and takedowns, thus removing one of the most important aspects of karate- takedowns from the clinch. This weakens karate, which should be not just striking.
  • I have read your blog really very impressive about karate-ground-fighting and graceful posting.Thanks for sharing valuable information.Keep it up.
  • Paul McClements
    Love your videos, my old association is very similar to yours. Started off (JKA) traditional, but in the late 1980s started to incorporate Thai boxing and wrestling and Judo, Then in the 90's the top instructors fell in love with UFC and now the clubs split out class sessions into roughly 3rd traditional Shotokan Kata and basics, 3rd WKF point scoring kumite, and a 3rd MMA, putting fighters in the Scottish national knockdown championships. keep up the good work.
  • jesse look into combat sanshou and combat sambo for grappling
  • James
    Jesse if you will look at your kata it works 360 degrees. Simply do your kata on the ground!! Niahanchi is a great one to start looking at.

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