Why I’m Quitting Traditional Karate

It used to be so simple.

When I grew up, Karate was so cool.

I remember playing Ninja Turtles outside with my friends ’til it got dark.

Then we went inside, to play Street Fighter on my Super Nintendo (or watch The Karate Kid) until we fell asleep – tightly gripping our foam nunchucks.

I started Karate at the age of 2.

Karate was my perfect world…

…where a small fighter could overcome evil forces through hard work and dedication.

I wanted that world.

But things changed.

Today, as a full time Karate instructor and dojo owner, I realize it was all a dream.

That spark just isn’t there anymore.

It’s time to make a change…

I’m opening a “McDojo”.

(Yes. You read right.)

I’m opening a McDojo; where I will teach XMA (Extreme Martial Arts) focusing mainly on money, ranks, tournaments, marketing, merchandize and huge kids classes.


I’ll tell you why:

#1: Zero Money in Traditional Karate


Have you ever heard of a traditional sensei becoming a billionaire?


So riddle me this:

Why should I waste my precious time teaching valuable life skills, effective self-defense, moral lessons, holistic breathing exercises and traditional values when people aren’t interested?

  • Kids these days don’t want to learn boring punches in horse stance.
  • They want to learn 360-spinning-dragon-tiger-backflip-twist-kicks.

Traditional Karate puts food on the table.

But I’d rather have a Lambo in the driveway.

You feelin’ me?

#2: Nobody Knows “Correct” Karate

A famous Japanese master told me to always turn on my heels when I move.

Another master told me to turn on the ball of my foot.aprils_fools_kbj

Some masters tell me to chamber my fist at the armpit, others to chamber it at the hip.

Who’s right?

Answer: Everyone.

That’s just…


How can everyone be right?

I want a clear-cut, perfect answer.

But there is none. Why?

Because Karate is an old-school martial art based on a myriad of fighting methods combined to an eclectic mix of unarmed combat, hailing from ancient Okinawa.

It wasn’t created by modern professionals with a scientific understanding of human physiology.

I can’t sell that to people!

That’s why I’ll teach XMA instead: a hybrid of martial arts, acrobatics and showmanship.

A backflip is always a backflip.


#3: Let’s Face It: Karate Is Not “Hip”

  • Tattoos.
  • Dragons.
  • Flames.

That’s cool stuff.

  • White pajamas?
  • Bruised arms?
  • Mullets?

That’s NOT cool… like, ever.

Yet, people insist on keepin’ up with the outdated image of 80’s Karate style.

Sure, you can do nice deep stances in Chuck Norris’ Action Jeans. I get it. But kids today wear saggy pants. They listen to hip-hop. They say “swag”. They take selfies.

Karate instructors need to embrace this.

A “selfie” with a bruised arm will never be “swag”!

Traditional Karate is simply too brutal, practical and hard for modern society.

That’s why, in my new McDojo, I will introduce more belts, more colours  (gold, military camo) and more patches, more exotic techniques, more cool terms (mawashi-geri YOLO Kick), more cool music (my Justin Bieber playlist for Elite Babies Competition Master Class is already completed) and waaaay less discipline.

Karate should be fun and very easy.

Otherwise, why do it?

Hard things are boring.

#4: Oh, I Almost Forgot About These:

  • Training will always be done to music. There will be a DJ booth in the dojo.
  • There will be a sign that says “100% Black Belt Guaranteed in 90 Days”.
  • Everyone will have stripes on their belts (to signify how much they paid). If you’re late with a payment, I take a stripe away.
  • The mandatory age for black belt is 5 years old.
  • I’ll never teach new katas. They will have to buy my 8-disc DVD series for that.
  • Individual development and personal expression shall be non-existant. A strong conformist mentality is encouraged, since this inflexible mindset makes it easy for me to rule the dojo and ensure nobody gets better than me.
  • The infamous “no-touch K.O”? It’s part of yellow belt basics. In fact, each class always starts with 10 minutes of harnessing ki/chi-energy power.
  • Gradings will take maximum 20 min.
  • I will repeatedly make reference to the notorious “street” (and what works/doesn’t work there) even though I’ve never been in a street fight.
  • Kata is a dance. Nothing more. Studying the actual meaning of the movements is frowned upon. The important part is that you scream like a crazy person.
  • Etc. etc. etc…

You get the point.

Many sleepless nights went into this, but I feel it’s the right thing to do.


The traditional Karate concepts of introspection, striving for perfection, pushing the limits and training until you puke simply don’t make sense in today’s fast-paced social media world anymore.

Classical Karate is dying, guys.

We need to evolve.

We need things like this:

“The only thing constant in life is change.”

– Heraclitus (535-475 BC)

I hope you’ll follow me in my new journey.

Thanks for understanding.



PS. April fools! 😛


  • Donna
    • Osk
      Hello there! Nice this article is the other way round. Traditional Karate till my last days on earth!
    • RDavey
      It's Jesse's way of celebrating April Fool's
      • zfima
        Oh, I knew, something strange.
      • Max
        You made me really worry Jess... Don't do it again!!! ?
      • Daryl
        Still good, even if it is a joke?
      • The tournament kata banshee guy is hilarious !! Thanx Jesse !!
      • Lex
        This is funny, I didn't know it was April fools but I did know it was some type of joke. You weren't off that it isn't "cool" like the new stuff though. But then again, moving against the grain is "cool" to me. There it is :).
      • Amrit Bhattacharjee
        That was some extreme McDojo stuff . .......phew!!!!!u scared me?......Hail traditional karate and of course. ..a more decent former of sport karate?
      • Phuong
        Jesse, That was too funny! You got me good. ???Didn’t know that Swedes also celebrate April’s fools. So happy it’s not true. Osu!! PS: When will you teach a seminar in NYC???
      • Srdjan
        You got me on this ???. Please don't do that ever again.
      • Marco Rosales, Sabun
        You had me going for only 2 seconds. ???
      • Kurtist2
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      • Victor Rascon
        My Mom always get me on April fools. So I’m a pro on this things. Sorry Jessy you are the best of the best in karate but not in April fools. You love karate so much that I would never believe you. Anyway thanks it was cool to see a bunch of confusing people out there. ? PS you are an amazing person I follow you (YouTube, Facebook) and wherever article about you. Thank you for show us the love and dedication of tradition Karate.
      • Ken
        But you are keeping the DJ booth right? I think that sounded legit.
    • Francis
      Donna..Jesse-san just was sarcastic telling about leave traditional karate to open a McDojo hahahaha
    • Sancha F
      Look below u Jesse-San clearly stated it was APRIL FOOLS!!
    • Sancha F
      Look below u
    • Louis
      Jesse I don't have a very good heart! Ok ok, it's beating regularly now. I was thinking "oh ho, even Jesse" ;-( Lol.
    • James DF Spader
      Jesse fans think it's an April fools joke. No, it isn't. Jesse, who loves coffee (even sardine flavored) finally woke up to smell that coffee. Congrats! Jess. It was only a question of time.
    • Rich w
      Jesse I could not belive what i was reading.my heart was sinking,you swine you. you really had me going on that one, and I am glad its not true.
    • Toby D Bloom
      It's a sad day when karate gives way to flash and .music. All of that said no one can really be a black belt in 3 months.
  • Rille
    From all this and i got stuck with "mullets" in my head..
  • Jakub
    April Fool's day ? :D haha
  • Robert Willis
    Will you be teaching the Hurticane and the Kill Face too Master Jesse?
  • Anders
    april april
  • Robert
    Hehe cool. About the question I quote my sensei Larsson in Karlstad: doesn't really matter where you place your hikite as long as you do it the same every time.
  • Haha! Again a wonderful article!! This is exactly how it has become and it will become even worse now when what's left of traditional Karate are turning more and more towards modern sports!! :) Karate has undergone a huge transformation since the 1920s when it was introduced to Japanese mainland, even so during the 30 years I've been practicing... Sadly I'm not sure I enjoy every development I see?
  • Willem
    Okay have to admit you had me for the first half of the post -_- April 1st fools.
    • BF
      Same for me...
  • Nilsosu
    I´m superconvinced that this is the thruth and not a joke at all, and I too will turn my back on traditional/old fart karate and embrace a new style of Maxi-Hipster Chiforce Ryu that I have invented myself. Since I am the grandmaster I am of course 10,5 dan (for extra measure). Beginners have to start at -4 kyu and polish my shoes to prove that they are worthy of my secrets.
  • Manuel
    • Nathan Pavlovsky
      Just becuse everyone jumped off a bridge (that is not burning), would you jump too? True Karate is not showmanship, but hard training. There will always be a few that understand this, and they will be willing to keep it alive, no matter the price. If you open a McDojo, you will ensure that they will learn how to dance, maybe some self-dicipline, and retain an inability to defend themselves. I trained in a shack that was a 30 minutes drive from home, and even though I am out of Karate now (for a period of four years- due to my high school education , I will never forget how the lessons I was taught there. For centuries, Karate was taught by masters to select groups of diciples, not for profit, but in order to help the knowledge stay. The problem is that Karate became "cool" and entepreneurs realized that they could make a profit off of it. This is why I an planning to take Krav Maga- it is less common. This makes it relatevly unpopular and unknown, ensuring that the training places (for the most part) are not McDojos.
  • Wow Jesse, my heart almost didn't make it with this post. Excuse me while I struggle with my PTSD for the rest of the day... You have a wicked sense of humour dude
  • Alexandra
    I hear you. Makes perfect sense to me. I'd opt for the designer handbags instead of the Lambo tho. May I? And I think I'd make the stripes on the belt flourescent.
  • OMG! I want to open a MacDojo too! ;-)
  • Alex
    Hahahahahahaaaaa!!!! Death-kwon-do! But I think Master Ken beat you to it with his Ameri-do-te.... ????
  • Mentore
    You made me take a look at Tiffany Larsen's "forms". Now I hate you. Did you read? I. EFFING. HATE. YOU. ;)
  • Ha ha ha...brilliant April Fools!!! thank you :)
  • Sören
    Yeah, to be honest, the phrase "I'm quitting" was soooo un-Jesse that I instantly thought about april 1st. :D Nonetheless your article has the really sad background of really describing some "dojos" in the "modern" world. But indeed funny at the end. ;)
  • Nice April Fool! :-) On a serious note though Jesse-san, that Youtube video is oe of the saddest things I have ever seen and actually makes me want to cry. :-(
  • Nedim
    "YOLO Kick" hahahaha! Brilliant! :)
  • Philipp
    Oh come on! The amount of sarcasm here is TOO DAMN HIGH! :D
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  • Miguel
    In the video, that guy looks like he is doing a sort of haka
  • Love this Jesse, almost reminds me of the Enter the dojo serious on Youtube
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    April fools! Awesome article as usual.
  • Reanne
    I just read this and my heart sank but then I realized it's April 1st........ PLEASE PLEASE PLEAAAASSSEEEEEE BE A PRANK!!! YOLO KICK :D arghhhhh I'm not going to laugh it off until I see confirmation of a certified, awesome and wickedly talented........ PRANK! :D
  • Hi Jesse, This article just made my day. Too funny. The sad reality I worked for a ex-karateka who structured his traditional dojo just like this!!! Of course it didn't do well and I soon left that messy dysfunctional McDojo. Way too commercial for me! I just laughed as I read this. Nothing beats real traditional training and the traditional dojo. Thanks again!
  • Nice loved it. Seen this actually happen.
  • Great post! I got to the DJ part, I was with you, then I started laughing out loud. April Fools. Great job. Camo. DJ in the booth. lol. But, hey, you MAY be onto something... :-)
  • Davide.C
    I'm with you Jesse! Screw gohy ryu, screw ancient kata and bunkai study that take a lifetime, f***k endless hour of reserach, from now on I'll only teach Go Pai Sho and the YOLO KICK (through 150€/hour private lessons, obviously) XD
  • Dene
    God help us all! My daughter is actually asking to take classes in "tricking"; my heart aches. So, to add to your kick repertoire: PPOTS "Punt to Parents Over The Shoulder". Please, never abandon us!!!
  • Jim
    What I like about these Extreme martial arts is all of the great noises they make while they do their fake katas! It makes me want to do some of these idiotic things too!
  • Sounds like when with my friends we were thinking about starting a private university of pseudosciences.
  • Dene
    OK. just went back to watch the video and I'm..... stunned speechless horrified What the hell WAS that?!
  • Felician
    That video made my day! ????????
  • Sören
    I just showed the video to my son (8 yrs old, 17 months in Karate now) and he went just like "Oh my freakin' god!" :D
  • Loved it - I`m not Karate, but can relate, so shared it on the Totally Tae Kwon Do magazine facebook page.. to go with the theme of the day ;)
  • Ian
    Ha ha ha ... good one, Jesse-san. ... er, Ronald McJesse, that is. On a more serious, non-this-is-April-first note, when you say ... "It wasn’t created by professionals with a scientific understanding of human physiology" ... ... you might want to investigate Dr/Sensei Chitose, the founder of Chito-ruy, who was trained as a doctor (both "western" and "traditional/Chinese" if memory serves), who is reported to have used his knowledge of human anatomy to alter some aspects of the karate he incorporated into his style to make it "safer" for the practitioner's long-term health.
  • James
    I don't study Karate, but Tang Soo Do. I love this article. I'm not really sure what was going on in that video I'm sure that was supposed to be kata.
  • @James - you don't study Karate, but you study Tang Soo Do. April Fools! :-P
  • Erin
    That video just makes me want to cry. :-(
  • Jake
    The video was hilarious???? I can't wait to learn my yolo kick, ha!
  • Te'o
    Jesse-san, before you start I will send my guaranteed profit making guide for belt jumping, dan rank advancement in the shortest possible time, and how to charge for everything; especially useless classes (but they don't know that!) Also, make sure that since we don't really fight anymore, that you offer and charge for a street combat course...just in case, but make sure you never teach those things in a regular class. I'm sure you'll be very successful; and once you've got your franchises up and running I would like to ditch my traditional dojo and buy into your business. Thanks for the info....you made this April Fool's day great!!! Ossu!!!
  • I can't wait for your next project: "Seishin, the People's Black Belt" ... for just $190 ... $170 if you sign up to be one of the first to buy it ... you get a genuine and certified Black Belt in Enkamp-ryu.
  • Excellent news, Jesse-San. Can I buy a franchise? How much do I need? Will $500,000 be enough to get me set up? Is you guaranteed black belt course six weeks or twelve (I sure hope it's six, as that will double my income!)? Will white gis be banned? Can't wait to join you on this journey! Osu Steve
  • Heh. Don't forget to consult with this guy first: http://napma.com/PrivateCoachingSession/
  • Bryan Alstat
    Jesse- Great April 1 post. I am glad I do not drink anything at my computer for it would have come out of my nose. Saying that, this has way too much of a ring of truth to it. In the Charlottesville, VA area, there are two dojos (I use the term loosely)- One teaches Kung Fu Panda and the Second is total no contact from start to Black Belt. I for one will be the Old School Troglodyte. Also today is my 21st anniversary in continous training in the Martial Arts.
  • yolo.......... You Only Laugh Once!!! I had a nice couple visit my dojo interested in lesson for their 10 yr old son. Conversation as follows: I kid you not! Sensei, (Dad)Do you give lots of stripes, Billy liked getting the stripes at his former karate school. (Me)Sorry, I don't do any stripes, what kind of karate did Billy study? (Dad( karate, karate! I thought you knew this stuff? (Mom) Is there any physical contact? (Me) Yes, early and often, I teach in a very traditional manner. (Dad) Well how soon before he gets a blackbelt? (Me) Most likely, never, but it's the journey that is important, not-so-much the destination. (Mom) So is that like 2 or 3 years and why do they have to hit, they never hit at his old school and the teacher there was a 12th degree blackbelt. (Me) Well, what can I tell you, I am a slow learner. (Mom) We will take him to another school where they are more serious about karate!!! Made my day........... I laughed so hard I almost cried
    • JP Thank you posting that. Im still laughing! I get a conversation like that about once every few months.
  • nick sydney 2
    Jesse San Sharp intake of breath when I saw headline on my digital communication device (cell phone but we cannot call it that these days). Then checked the date! Great one. Sadly there are plenty of Sensei-ni who run their (Mc)Dojo's along these lines....Full Non Contact Karate. Shodan Guaranteed within 3 years otherwise Money Back!
  • Oleg_S
    When I found that video on youtube some time ago and shared among others in our club (Hayashi-ha Shito-ryu), my Sensei said that I should be banned from the Internet.
  • Daniel Gomez
    You had me, It is 4/1 good job.
  • Great fun article Jesse, can I publish an Italian translation of it on my blog? Let me know. Thanks
    • Go ahead Simone-san! Thanks ;)
  • I still have a problem with anyone watching such an awful display of absolute rubbish! The video shows a comical side, not a good one at that.... I hope no one thinks it remotely resembles any kind of martial art. No easy route to being a proper Black Belt.... That's what makes it all worth while. Keep up the good work Jesse san.
  • What? No badges? That should be the first thing you should have, badges for all kinds of achievements, and if a kid collects 10 of the same group he can purchase a special patch for his uniform. 10 patches and he can purchase a black uniform instead of the usual denim that you will use. You will use denim uniforms, not white, right? You don't want your customers to mistake your dojo with those losers.
  • Well, this is a interesting point of view. It's also funny. Anyway there are some mistakes. About the master Funakoshi and other from the beginning of Karate as we know nowadays its is completely different. Why? Because Nakayama Sensei introduced a University and colleges at Japan 60 years ago what we call now scientist karate. It as been studing and testing since there around the world till today in many ways and environment (also MMA) and thats way it is better. Karate is a way, as you know, of life. Its really not about the money (if we get some, nice) its not about be better than others. Is a Budo way. Greetings from south Brazil. Oss
  • Well See here now I am enlightened. I didnt know my wife knew a kata until I saw that video. That was the exact kata she was doing during labor-sounds and all!!! By the way Jesse I will be joining you (I want my red bugatti in the driveway) please send me your overpriced franchisee package so I too can create a simliar school and soon a string of schools, collecting my percentage of course. Dont worry I wont forget you Jesse, how about a new house on a tropical isle for your birthday? Every reputable school owner has one as a vacation home.
  • Smile! You are on Aikido Italia Network... http://aikidoitalia.com/2014/04/02/perche-abbandono-il-karate-tradizionale-pesce-daprile/
  • Lee
    I don't have a mullet.
  • DJ
    I've introduced a new modern form of Karatedo....Bieber-Ryu
  • I will soon be opening my own dojo, teaching the ancient art of Krazy-ryu, founded by O'sensei James Brown. Licensing fees were high, but now I have paid the cost to be the boss.
  • j .wheeler
    Come on Jesse its cus were in the westIn the 80s karate peaked;i done old school shotokan through the 80s.In the 60s a few peole knew like Dom Valera and Ticky Donovan.They learnt and it peaked in the 80s.Now its diminishing to same percentages 60s era.People can do more with bodies nowerdays ,shit, kids almost defy gravity and run up walls ,jump fences etc in amongst it all.We dont seem to run tradition side by side with modern trends as in Thailand,Japan etc.Or do we?Ballet,Ball room dancing.YEH STRICTLY COME DANCINGS BIG OVER HERE SO TRAD DANCE WITH A FEW ADDED MODERN MOVES AND MODERN TUNES. martial arts the westerners way of practical asian and western pugalist ways are the mma stuff.Evolution.From johnny t shirt.
  • Lucas
    That was a good read for April fools day...... nothing like reading something that oozes of sarcasm and is filled with such obvious facts about what a McDojo really is..... and how to identify one!
  • Tommy
    I love your attitude and your karate philosophy. I have read some of your submissions around the net in the past. Quite a few years ago I had a blog...kind of before they were so popular. But people don't want my karate. It's too hard and too slow. Not enough advancement to show others by way of belts and certificates. No tournaments or trophies/medals. No fancy stuff. Hardship? Say what? So I just carry on. I have my path and for me it's about the journey...no endpoint. Like the enso, I circle around to a new beginning over and over. With that said, I get a bit confused at times. Karate, Zen, self discovery etc is not about commercialism as in today's martial arts world. It is what is inside you. But that is why I decided to not blog anymore and I don't "google" karate or martial arts anymore. Who cares? I just practice and that's it. Even if I were still teaching...why the internet? So, while I admire your spirit as well as you words, to me, the internet and blogging is more or less commercialism or at the very least an attempt to show a right way verses a wrong way. And in a Zen mind, there is no right or wrong, only different paths. No need to poke at it or highlight one side or the other. Train, do your thing, and forget about it. At least in my opinion. Actually, I am shocking myself that I am even posting here. By chance I came across this post. I don't ever pay any mind to the internet. Looking at my post I actually should delete it. I am doing what I am posting about...ha ha. I now need to look deeper into myself. But I'll let it stand...I have my reasons.
  • The video reminded me of the old joke: "What is Bruce Lee's favorite drink?" ------ "Waaaaaaaaaatttteeeer!" Thanks for the laugh
  • Nijil Jacob
    The video got me laughing! seriously it was hilarious! hahahaa AA ee oooo shi hi aaayeeee usherrr she ho hi ieee ayeeeeee how wher her thi shi ayeeee I just couldn't believe there could be something that stupid!
  • max
    Are you serious sensai.........
  • It's an awesome paragraph designed for all the internet people; they will take benefit from it I am sure.
  • Neville Harris
    What made this difficult to figure out, was that recent photo of you doing a very high kick in public, wearing a Gi, in Las Vegas of all places. In that photo, I was surprised to see that you were NOT sporting a Mullet and a pair of "Chuck Norris Kicking Jeans". Happy April Fool's Day!
  • Pablo Ormeno
    Please...Please... Write an opposite article... "Why you are not quitting traditional karate...EVER.." and if you have it let us know to read it... Oss!!!
  • Dear Jesse, Thank you for creating awareness and educating karate enthusiast through your wonderful writeup, interviews, videos. Good work bro ! ? keep it up !! Regards, Naresh Sharma India.
  • Eoghann
    I think you're right we need to adapt with the times and the only way forward is Ameri-do-te
  • I'm glad that I knew it was April 1st today. :-) Well spoken, good Sir!
  • Stefan
    What a great article. Thank you for reminding me why I went traditional Karate!
  • Terri
    I hope this is an April Fools joke!!!!
  • am
    i almost believed it...then i scrolled down.
  • Tommy
    Very bad Go Pei Sho
  • Brian Strickler
    LOL.....thank GOD it's April Fools....but truly enjoyed your story...you could feel the taunt and rage....LOL....keep on tying your white belt brother....your almost a Jedi.
  • Antonio
  • Some of chose to walk away and not trade in our beliefs for the profit. It's not easy to abandon a dream, but to see it evolve into a nightmare wasn't worth any monetary value. But I understand, the world changes and we need to find our way to success. I wish you luck Jesse on your new path. I'm sure wherever it takes you it'll be successful. I couldn't do it. Walked away and the words of my old Sempai's come back to me. Those who are the best you never see or hear about. They just train to evolve, but evolving doesn't put food on the table.
    • PS.. I figured you'd never give up...
  • David Fernández
    Great article Jesse! In my opinion Master Ken has messed your mind a little bit... Hahah. Traditional karate is in your veins and you can't escape of it ;P
  • Alex Jonsson
    Poisson d'Avril!
  • Sebastián
    The Article is very good, but the video is the best in the Martial Arts World hahahaha
  • Maja
    Hahah, love it!
  • Bojo
    Cmon you can't just blame the time. My training in kickboxing left me with bad impression of traditional martial arts they're stuck in the time they teach you "the impossible" literally,no conditioning and bad sparring. You telin me it doesn't matters that you are out of shape with dull reflexes as long as you know some fancy move that only Sonic can pull of PS-it's the teachers to blame today everyone can be teacher
  • Francis
    "Kata is a dance. Nothing more. Studying the actual meaning of the movements is frowned upon. The important part is that you scream a lot." Don't forget that the only acceptable screams during a kata are "KIAI!" and "OSU!" (which may be pronounced "UHSS!") (Yes, those are actual things that American McDojos do)
  • Mathieu
    that was a good one.. You are not so bad at lying, after all :p
  • Master G
    100% Black Belt Guarantee!!! Awesome offer, where can I subscribe? How much cost this 90 days training?
    • kashif ahmad
      oh jesse-san u really made me to think on the opening of mc dojo, but really felt great by seeing ur way to celebrate april fool
  • François Godmer
    Hahahha good one sure you got some fish??? can't wait to see you amigo on june 2-3 in our beautiful country
  • Full Moon
    Sound like a man who lose his hope.why you need april fool if every day is so fun.
  • I actually think you are spot on except for the fun part, if I'm not paying extra for it, why should it be fun? You should have an interactive Xbox game for those wanting fun. Or an app.
  • Tonylloyd
    Hi Jesse, what would clinch it is high energy bolt techniques and throwing down four black belts with a shoulder shrug ! Perhaps San-Dan gradings and above.....
  • Brenton
    Very funny. But I now have a desperate need for Chuck Norris action pants.
  • Ramón Fernandez-Cid
    You are right! The video that you have chosen is a classical example of Mudra, many things in excess.
  • Lal
    Jesse San fools me :)
  • Hi Jesse, and thanks for great articles, like this one. You made your point clear :) But can I say one thing? I have to confess that I'm a karate populist. I love karate, but there are things in traditional karate I really don't like. Hierarchy. Physical and mental stiffness. Looking more backwards than to the future. In the no-style practices that are my "own" I've given away most of these things. There are no styles and no belt examinations, it's just karate how I see it. Like you joked, karate should actually be fun and easy - most of the time. Every now and then it should offer possibilities to challenge ourselves. And to win yourself. As a populist I try offer to my students Ninja Turtles with tattoos, dragons and flames. And the students I'm now talking about are middle aged black belts, many of them doctors and CEO's. I offer flames with white pajamas and bruised arms. I also love rock, and when I'm teaching without any style boundaries, I always play rock music in the background. And people seem to like it. It helps them to push the limits and train until you puke. So what am I saying? I guess I'm saying that it's possible be a pure populist but still keep your traditionalist heart. It's possible to leave the problems of traditional karate but to keep the core. Hope to see you in your seminars someday - maybe in Finland? All the best, Jyrki Innanen Nerd in karate and in real life
  • Aos meus familiares, que ao longo de completo atravessar comiseração aula compartilharam comigo as alegrias no entanto as dificuldades com todo avançar. https://www.linkedin.com/in/joaoanderson/
  • Aung saw moen
    Jesse !! i got mini heart attack with the video !! :'(
    • Sancha F
      I would love to learn the kata and freak mt Sensei out x.
      • Sancha F
  • Aleksandar Radovanovi?
    Please, don't do this again, it was scary until the end ?
  • Graham
    The funniest thing I’ll read all day.
  • James
    Hahahaha!. I totally forgot what day it was and I think you just gave me a stroke or minor aneurysm. Thankyou for brightening my day jesse sensei.?
  • Yathun
    The sad truth about the karate instructor's situation nowadays... No one is interested in perfect stance or 100 punch in kiba dachi We're living in a instant noodle century every one wants six packs but no one is ready to sweat a bit.. any how thank you very much Jesse. We love you . May god bless you
  • Manu
    So "reductio ad absurdum" or prooving something by showing that the opposite is ridiculous exists for karate as well :-). Nice.
  • Isa
    That was the BEST you got me until I saw the Lambo! Did not know you celebrated April Fools. The video and the mullet comment killed me.
  • Rafael
    Though I get the joke (crudos, you got me at 1st sight), I see some points in the `dark side of the force`. This trick only convinced me that there`s no need for purist, we can find a way in the middle (yes, lock down is hitting bad ;) ). Domo Arigoto Sensei!
  • SwamiG
    That was hilarious...
  • Harvey Cassidy
    This is the eternal struggle between what is fashionable or trending and what is a functional self-defense approach. Every dojo owner who is also a true martial artist has to deal with this. Most people who live in safe countries don't see the real value of training to survive on the street, fight for their lives, they only want to win tournaments to show off, just EGO stuff.
  • Hmmmm... “ go pai sho”. Honestly folks, it really looks like a male version of a Rika Usami performance/ act. Remember, nobody EVER did Kata like this on Okinawa! The last time I saw something this amusing was back in the late 1960’s at a tournament where a guy announce he was going to perform “ kata I Forgatta”
  • Michael O'Brien
    Unfortunately, I can't un-see that kata. Too funny!!
  • Daniel O.
    Until the aoril's fool I thought you were all good on sarcasm. So funny the cursin Passai video lol.
  • Rik
    What the hell Jesse-san! you had us all going! haha. Never lose that sense of humor sensei!
    I was so serious and worry at the same time reading to this article. Finally only find out it was just a Sarcasm to the maximum? lol. You got us Jesse?
    I was so serious and worry at the same time reading to this article. Finally only find out it was just a Sarcasm to the maximum? lol. You got us Jesse?
  • John Sagami
    I forgot today is April fool's. As I was reading this, I knew something was funny. You got me. Stay healthy and safe.
  • swamy sr
    My name is Swamy sr, I am a civil engineer, I am a karate master, I am a yoga master. I did 40years research on karate and invented the secret of karate. I did 40years research on health and found the secret of health and I invented what is health I did 40years research on God and found God and I invented what is God I like to share my knowledge with you about karate with new techniques and ideas I will prove that, karate is the solution for thousands of problems and thousands of diseases Please utilize my skills and knowledge and experience Regards Swamy sr B E Civil Black belt ( K B I ) India swamysr90@gmail.com 9632559162
  • Dean Johnson
    Whoa, Jesse, you had me going there for a minute. Seriously, I am a 69 year old martial artist who has been practicing since I was 4. I have done a variety of arts, including karate. I am lucky enough to be personal friends with the Gracie Jiu-jitsu family and to have trained with instructors who are one generation removed from Bruce Lee. So I have been around. I have encountered any number of mouth breathers who have seen me practice karate and who have said things like "does that sh*t really work?" and "have you ever used that stuff in a REAL fight?" I have finally reached a point in my training that I never knew existed. My karate has become so effective that I actually have hold it back. Traditional technique, properly executed, even without power or bad intention is genuinely dangerous. That sh*t really works. Advanced practitioners aren't kidding when they say that they have to be very careful when training with others. THANKS FOR ALL THE GREAT VIDEOS. YOU HAVE BEEN A BIG PART OF MY INSPIRATION TO KEEP TRAINING
  • Brian Johnson
    As Ice Cube once said, "If it ain't hard, it's weak." If true karate were easy, everyone would do it.

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