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Just when you thought the history of Karate was way too complex to even understand – along comes the Matsuyama Theory and fills in the holes.


Me and sensei Patrick McCarthy – the Western world’s foremost Karate researcher, author & historian – truly hope you will enjoy this eBook immensely and pass it on to as many Karate enthusiasts as possible.

Why did I make this into an eBook and not a “regular” article?

Well, simply because fitting 7000 words into this blog would be a pain in the a$$. It’s like 34 friggin’ pages. 🙂

Also, I had taken tons of actual photos in the actual Matsuyama Park (during my visit to Okinawa earlier this year) and I really wanted to show off my mad Photoshop skills (you’ll see once you read it) in the illustrations.



Below you’ll find the exclusive download for the KbJ ‘Matsuyama Theory’ eBook (.pdf format). It’s totally FREE for you to read, share and enjoy – and we truly hope it will be of great awesomeness to you and everyone you share it with.


Happy reading!


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  • Dan
    Sounds promissing. I'll download it now and then come back with screams of awesomeness, eh?
  • Dan
    AOMGICANTBAELIEVEITITSAWESOMENESSONDIGITALPAPER... (I did promise screams, right? =D) Gotta tell you, Jesse-san, great work. It's fun to read, but also very interesting and informative. Can't help but get a bit curious on how's Quanfa doing on these modern days.
    • Hey Dan, you're a quick reader! :) Thanks for the feedback - but when it comes to old-school Quanfa and its related practised perhaps somebody else can fill you in, as I've yet to visit China myself!
      • ??????????
        not for much longer.. the time came after all.. wish you the best Mr.Jesse..
      • Patryk
        I'm glad you finally went so now you can tell us all about it ;)
  • Diego Romero
    nice! (also lol @ motobu training away from all the others in the last image) btw, is your stealth chopper a stealth krotty chopper?
    • Yes, poor old Motobu... ;)
  • Easy reading, mind blowing.... been working on the concept for about a decade, really nice to see it written.
    • Daniel-san; glad to hear there's more of us!
  • Szilard
    How did the cultural revolution treat kung fu in China? Did it support it or suppress? Possibly the origins are eradicated, or there might have been a strong enough attempt to do so. If you decapitate a local stile, the low level kata will be still there, only the high level kata will be lost. This is kinda what we see today in China, right?
  • Sebastian
    The screams of awesomeness in Dan's comment pretty much sums it up, awesome work *thumbs up*
  • Matt
    Nice work! PM is a valuable resource.
  • herrle 58
    Well done and really fun-to-read again! I didn´t know about the matsuyama. About the rest...well, how t f could Mc Carthy Sensei read my mind??? ;-)
  • jaakko
    Fantastic read! I've visited Matsuyama koen whenever I've been to Okinawa, namely because its close to our honbu dojo, and to see the Chojun Miyagi monument, but I had no idea it was so steeped in karate lore. I do recall seeing some people doing karate there, so its safe to say that even now, the memory is being kept alive if only just a little.
  • Scot
    It's interesting this information is finally getting out. Hokama Hanshi has been talking about this for a long long time.
  • Hi Jesse san, Thanks for posting the interview ... I love what you've done with it ";-) Keep up the great work. If you get the chance please drop by here for a visit, too: I don't post often but you might find something of interest there - Tanmei
  • ILuvShitoRyu
    Very insightful... And reinforces my belief that all the "Japanese" martial arts styles compliment and reinforce each other.
  • Robert Chu
    It makes sense. I taught Wing Chun Kuen and Hung Ga Kuen in Los Angeles' Monterey Park's Barnes Park, a city with a very large Chinese population for nine years. Chinese get up early to walk, jog, dance, do qigong, and local Chinese boxing methods, or just catch up gossiping. Its no secret that a large park would attract the descendants of the Ming Dynasty "36" families to catch up, practice together and speak Chinese, while perhaps entertaining some Okinawan friends to engage in practice also. I wholeheartedly support Mr. McCarthy's "theory".
  • Ralph
    How can anyone place any credibility in an over weight, pot belled martial artist? i.e. McCarthy. Obviously such instructors need to start practising what they preach, put aside the KJC and beer and get up at 5am and do running! We need martial artists that set a lifestyle example for future generations. Its sad and sickening what is happening today!
  • Térence Inzanga MAPANGOU
    i (Térence Inzanga MAPANGOU) am a 4 Dan from International Karatedo DOSHINKAN. And i just want to thank you for the work of research you did to be capable to share all of your knowledge with the whole world. Thank a lot! Je voudrais juste vous remercier pour le travail de recherche accompli, et pour l'initiative du partage de vos connaissances avec l'ensemble des pratiquants que le monde possède. Merci beaucoup!
  • Bruno Silvio Abregu
    Thank You very much, is so little for this magnificent gift. Domo Arigato Gozai Mashita!!!
  • Martin Lefebvre
    Hi! I just read through the Matsuyama theory ebook and find this view point really interesting. Thanks a lot for sharing. However a contrasting idea is bugging me. I am wondering how the art of te could have been taught and passed in secret as said in the text and, during same period, was praticed and developped by enthusiasts gathered at the Matsuyama park?! These two aspects contradict for me. I miss something ? Also this must have something to do with the development of the naha-te but is there similar influence for the development of the art around the region of Shuri? Ok I know...I am a karate nerd in development...
  • Prof Seyed Ahmad Taleghani
    Dear my brother in budo I Prof Dr Seyed Ahmad Taleghani 8 th Dan would be glad to invite you to Iran for attending in the seminar of kobudo, And I would be glad to translate your dvd to Farsi,
  • Andrea
    I am lookin' for Bubishi book you showed in utube about two years ago but I can' t find ... Would you please tell me where can I buy it ? I mean, just the right one you were using in the video ! My best wishes for your walk on the way of Karate .
  • Kathrin
    Hi Jesse-san! Can I find a list of your future seminars anywhere? I tried googling it, but I can only ever find articles of past events. I don't mean the KNX only, but all local seminars. Thanks in advance! Greetings from Germany =)

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