Top 30 Most Awesomest KARATEbyJesse Quotes Ever (Illustrated)

Yesterday I felt a bit artsy-fartsy and decided to create a couple of cool images from some of my own quotes found on this site.

(Yeah, I’m now officially one of “those” people who quote themselves.)

As it turns out, I found a lot of quotes I liked – and before I knew it, this mini art project had evolved into 30 striking typographical images, which I swiftly posted on the KbJ facebook page.

But, since I’m painfully aware that not everyone follows me on facebook (or even has facebook!), I felt I needed to post them here on the blog too, as they are evidently being shared, liked, reposted and enjoyed by a lot of people around the world. (Apparently, I’m smarter than I look.)


Here they are.

30 illustrated KbJ quotes for all your “damn, I should probably be doing some important work now, my boss is watching” -moments. I know you have those too.

(If you want to share these with your friends, dojo mates, sensei, barber, dentist, ex-wife, students or co-worker; just go to my facebook page and share away!)


(click to zoom)

Curious: Which one is YOUR favorite?

See them all here.


PS. If you have suggestions for future quotes, let me know!

PPS. My slightly insane super-duper 75% off ($9.99) offer for ALL THREE of my new books ends THIS WEEK. Don’t let yourself down – you CAN do it! 

Thanks, that’s all for today!


  • Sam
    Hi Jesse, is it possible to get some high-resolution ones? I want to use one or two as desktop wallpaper... Greetings, Sam
    • BF
      Me also! My favorite: Kata is stone dead.... Greets
    • Sam-san, unfortunately I didn't maket no high-resolution versions...
      • Sam
        Thanks anyway. Like your stuff! I hang my favourite at my office door the other day.
  • Sam
    My prefered quote is "Karate makes us see sides of ourselves that we hide." This was and still is the hardest lesson to learn. Again and again ;-)
  • Isaac
    Hey Jesse, Good stuff, I like the " you can buy a rank......
  • Mike Noga
    Nothing about karate and carrot cake?!!! Ok seriously I liked the Paradox of Karate quote best. And the one about the old and the young and the weird and the normal.
    • Mike Noga
      By the way can you say the same things about other martial arts? if so what makes karate unique?
      • Well, beside the technical, cultural and historical details, in my opinion what makes Karate unique is the value YOU put in it.
    • I knew I forgot something! Carrot cake quote comin' up! ;)
  • Jules
    I always say this to friends, " I have to go to karate now, those kids and housewives aren't going to punch themselves in the face"
    • Hah! Love it! ;)
  • My favourite isn't there. That would be "Sucking at something is a gift. It's nothing but free information from nature, and the message reads: practice more!" :)
    • Thanks Marie-san! I'll put it in the "to do" folder!
  • Jason
    Jesse-san, Put number 6 on a tee shirt and I'll buy it and wear it proudly.
  • Kathy
    “You can’t buy the Karate spirit”
  • Ellie
    My favourite was definitely “I came. I saw. I got punched in the face.” Hahah

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