10 Small Karate Pieces (pt. 1)

Today I felt creative.

So, for this post I decided I would get me a notebook, and a pen… and then dig deep into my memory for that last bit of geometry and math that I once learned in school.

Add some Karate to that… and you end up with the following ten “pieces”:

(click below for full scale pictures)

“Bun Bu Ryo Do” anyone?


  • Diego Romero
    you, sir, need a statue made out of solid gold with an ivory gi and an obsidian belt
    • Feel free to send one any day! :)
  • Jack Brown
    I can't remember the last time I had so much fun reading a blog. Kudos!
  • Jack Brown
    Are you kidding? You must be, right?
  • Batman
  • Lucinda
    Amazing! I wish my maths classes were more like this!
  • Yusel
    Who's to say that an ambulance at grading doesn't mean that it was *awesome* ? :P
  • Stu Napier
    Now this is the funniest post (and most true) I've ever read! That being said I was lucky enough to have a class last night that broke some of these "rules". 1st night back after the Xmas break and school still on holidays... just 2 of us old guys, Brown belt and a 5th kyu (me, 65 returning after a 20 year break but with another 20 years of shotokan, hapkido, white crane and mcdojo). Spent the whole night doing bunkai of pinan nidan. Wow! Very hands on, practical/real, opened my eyes, locks, throws, body mechanics, anatomy, short range okinawin strikes. It's a wonderful thing to think, the next morning, that the lesson was painful but I learnt so so much. I'm lucky to have found a teacher (real 8th Dan shito ryu, iado, kubudo and also arnis/fma) that is not driven by $$, ego. Love your work Jessie. Thank you

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