Is This World’s Fastest Karate Group Picture? [Video]

I challenge your dojo!

Can you take a group pic faster than this one?

The video was shot at KNX14 (The Karate Nerd Experience 2014), in an attempt to set the record for fastest Karate seminar group picture ever.

(We all know how long those can take, right?)

We got 5 secs…

Can you do it faster?

Send me video proof – the best ones will be posted here!


  • Jim
    C'mon Jesse - expect us to believe that you got it in one take ? :P Jim
    • One strike, one kill! "Ikken hissatsu" ;-)
      • Thomas Schumann
        Hmmm ... ;-)
      • Jim
        ...after years of Practice ;)
  • Ossu! [bow] LOL, that had to have been rehearsed :-) What if the dojo is teeny tiny? Like maybe 15 people? Wouldn't that take less time than a dojo of 40? The *longest* time I've ever seen for everyone to line up was at Gasshuku. Right in the middle of the weekend, a bunch of students came in to be promoted along with those who were there the entire time (we had just gotten used to where we needed to stand). I'm thinking some 100 people in all. After promotion, I heard a lot of, "Oh yeah, I'm not a [whatever] belt anymore!" It was hilarious! I should train my herding dog and take him along next year :-) [bow]
    • Hah! Make sure to get the dog on tape too!
      • Ian
        For "group photos" I often set up my video camera on a tripod, hit "record" and then get in the group ... the main trick is waiting long enough that I can properly frame the photo (the groups tend to move around a bit, slide over, expand, contract, whatever.) I get some good shots that way ... no reliance on the one shot you take when "that guy" sneezed or blinked or looked over there ... just take another frame two seconds later. I also get video evidence of how long those are to set up. Haha.
  • Karate nerd cuber
    were you training for it?

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