The Karate Code: Official Press Release


After 18 months of back-breaking research, writing, translating and most of all waiting – The Karate Code is finally complete.

Here’s the link.

And here’s the new trailer:

(Here’s the old teaser, if you missed it!)

For those of you who are unaware, let me take it from the beginning:

The Karate Code is a book.

A book consisting of roughly a dozen original essays written exclusively for Karate nerds like you and me, by some of the last authentic grandmasters of traditional Karate still alive in Okinawa and Japan. Just to give you a brief idea, these are some of the masters featured in The Karate Code:

  • Hirokazu Kanazawa
  • Tetsuhiro Hokama
  • Mitsusuke Harada
  • Takayoshi Nagamine
  • Kiichi Nakamoto
  • Minoru Higa
  • Masayuki Kukan Hisataka
  • Masahiro Nakamoto
  • Teruyuki Okazaki
  • Hiroshi Kinjo
  • Kensho Tokumura
  • Yoshio Kuba
  • and more…

(for you rank worshippers; the above masters have around 10th dan each)

Too good to be true?

Don’t worry, it’s definitely true.

To be honest, nobody was more surprised than me when the above masters all agreed to share their incredible Karate wisdom and knowledge with me in this project; which I have now brought to the rest of you guys in the form of a book. A book entitled The Karate Code.

Because that’s what it’s all about.

So what are you waiting for? Go get it now! NOW!!!

Sorry, sorry… I’m rushing this whole thing. Wait a second. Time out. Before you rush off anywhere, there’s actually something pretty important I should tell you.


I don’t want to trick you into anything.

That’s right. I don’t want to make you do something stupid you’ll regret later on. I mean, sure, The Karate Code might sound all “super awesome” and “epic” at the moment, but the truth is you might not even need it.

Yes, you heard me.

You might not even need The Karate Code.

The Karate Code is not for everyone. Believe me, it’s not a comic book. It’s not Spider Man. It’s not Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck. Let’s get that straight.

It’s something completely else.

To make it clearer, here’s a short list I did:

Why The Karate Code Actually Sucks And You Probably Don’t Need It:

  • First of all, it’s a paperback book. No hardcover. You can’t really whack people in the head with it. Completely useless in a self-defense situation.
  • It costs $29 UPDATE: NOW $19.90. That’s two family size pizzas. Can a book give you a cheese high? Nooooo…
  • It has no special effects, Hollywood style explosions or jokes whatsoever. It’s just a book. No 3D goggles necessary. Save the popcorn.
  • It’s not that heavy. Only 144 pages. You can probably read it in one toilet sitting.
  • There are no rare photos in it. Mostly text, and then some illustrations.
  • The bonus material is cool but unnecessary. You can live without it.
  • You will need to re-read The Karate Code many times in your life, since the content has different meaning depending on what phase of Karate (and life) you are in. Pretty annoying.
  • These masters (who wrote the chapters) began training Karate before your parents were even born. I mean, how old and boring isn’t that?
  • It’s in horizontal format. Highly unorthodox. Very strange. Don’t know why.

So there you have it. 100% honest truth. No strings attached. If that list didn’t completely turn you off, I can only think of one reason why:

You’re a Karate Nerd™.

And this book is for you.


We have been expecting you. Please take a seat.

Here’s a list specifically for you, my friend.

Why The Karate Code Kicks Ass And You Totally Need It:

  • Because you think there’s more to Karate than mere punching, kicking and screaming.
  • Because you feel many people don’t understand the real meaning of the word “-do” (the way).
  • Because you consider Karate almost a microcosm of life, and believe training doesn’t stop when you exit the dojo door.
  • Because you believe there’s always something more to learn. (Especially from genuine masters who have been training are twice as long as you’ve been breathing)
  • Because you consider Karate a way of life, or a philosophy; rather than a simple sport, hobby or fitness fad.
  • Because you have always wondered what the old masters really, personally and honestly thought about the true meaning and purpose of Karate.
  • Because you’re a smartial artist.
  • Because there’s a Kindle version too.

If the above list tickles your Karate nerve in any way, The Karate Code is definitely for you, my friend. And all of your equally awesome mates.

So, with that being said, you’re on your own from here.

I really can’t do more for now.

I’ve given you some rope, but you need to climb the rest of Mt. Karate yourself.

Here’s the plan:

See you at the top, my friend.

I’m counting on you.


PS. I would be thrilled if you could leave a quick review on the amazon page after you’ve read it. For the “other” people, you know.



Update #1: Friday 10:43 AM: The Karate Code is now #4 in Amazon bestsellers (category Martial Arts, books). Over one night!


Update #3: Awesome reviews are coming in from all over the world! People such as: Charles C. Goodin (Curator of the Hawaii Karate Museum), A. Tanzadeh (7th dan renshi, Western Shito-ryu legend), Patrick McCarthy (8th dan hanshi, #1 Western researcher on Karate + founder of IRKRS/Koryu Uchinadi), Dan Djurdjevic (Academy of Traditional Fighting Arts, Australia), Sam Moledzki, (7th dan Shito-kai Canada), Okinawa Karate News (edition no. 62), and many more are PRAISING The Karate Code!

Get your own copy HERE – NOW!!


  • Tashi
    Whoa!!! I'km going to buy it immediately! I'm so curious to know its content, Thank you Jesse-san!! P.S. the new trailer is really cool!
  • patrick
    copie on the way !!! thanks jesse now waiting for part 2, THE KOBUDO CODE !!!
  • Manuel
    hey jesse great job! I WANT IT! does amazon ship to Italy?
  • I'll either buy this, or put it on my birthday list for June 9th. Either way, I LOVE books like this.
  • Ed
    Please add "no e-book" to bullet 1 of the "sucks" list. :-( I'm about out of shelf space, buy my iPad would *LOVE* to hold a copy.
    • Ed
      Meant to say, "but my iPad" not "buy my iPad." D'oh!
      • There is a Kindle version you know ;)
        • Ed
          Ah, I hadn't realized it. The Amazon product page you linked above was for the paperback and there's a link on that page to suggest that the author provide a Kindle version, but no link to the Kindle version itself. If you search for The Karate Code, though, both versions come up. Thanks for the tip.
        • karthick
          Hoiz master; i kindly request u to send me the copy of book to my mail ID because i can't brought it i didn't have that much money
  • Davide
    First thing to do tomorrow morning after breakfast is defintely go to the nearest bar and have 30bucks charged on my pre payed card, then go to amazon and order this book! I can't wait to have the first (and who knows, maybe only) copy in Italy!
  • Yes! A kindle version!!! :)
  • Julia
    I'm so happy it's finally here! I'm also happy that my birthday is coming up....
  • You are great... How did you managed to write a book with essays written by old Grandmasters... amazing!!! I want it!!!
  • diego romero
    "Because you think there’s more to Karate than mere punching, kicking and screaming." of course! there is also blocking :D
  • Tony
    Hey Jesse, I don't mean for this one to be sent out as a comment I just wanted to send you a message. I would love to have your book in my store at Is that possible, if so what do we need to do to make it happen? Thanks, Tony
    • Hi Tony, I think you'll have to deal with amazon, and become a distributor. They have those programs you apply to. Or we can make a "deal" or some sort ;) Send me an e-mail through the contact page will you? Thx!
  • Jaakko Kernaghan
    As soon as I heard about this....Amazon. Can't wait for my copy to arrive. If its half as good as I think it will be...damn. Keep up the good work!
  • BF
    Grml,grml, grml....ordered it yesterday night..... Have to wait for more than 3(!!!) weeks to get it shipped to Germany.....I should already be 6th (!!!) Kyu when it arrives....rofl.. Ok, now seriously: Thnx, Jesse!
  • Masushi
    Hi Jesse, is there any chance of having your incredible and amazeling book translated in german? That would be great. onegaishimazu, M
    • I agree! Just need to learn some German first... achtung!
      • diego romero
  • Hi Jesse, Is the paperback version going to be released on Rob
      • Afraid it's not there yet :-(
  • danyul
    Thank you for providing a Kindle edition. Bought, downloaded, and now looking forward to the commute home tonight.
    • What on earth are the chances of two SKC-England people reading this blog?! If I remember correctly, you were the only other person making notes at the Toshiaki Namiki course? And you're a forum moderator on the organisation forum?
      • danyul
        Hi Alex - if I had to name another reader from SKC then it would have been you ;-) That was indeed me also taking notes at the Namiki course (notes that I am still trying to get my head around and get written up in a better format). We should compare blog / forum links at some point because there are bound to be other useful resources out there that we either both read or possibly don't both know about.
        • Hi Dan - it was a very good course! I never managed to finish my notes - there was just too much information what with the groups of 5 of just about everything imaginable - distance, rhythm and whatnot :P [Edit: Get a room guys.]
  • Batman
    Any chance of a kindle version, or at least sale in the UK?
    • Batman
      Didn't see the link tot he kindle bit. Clicked it and was presented with "pricing information not available," I can't buy it :/ Any idea what's up with that?
      • Fixed it! Please, try again and let me know if you're still experiencing trouble! :)
      • The Kindle version is available on Amazon here: for £11.14
        • LOL we both posted at the same time- feel free to delete my post now it's fixed
  • Jaybee5
    Bought one, just eagerly awaiting delivery!
  • Congratulations on the completion of the book. I'm sure it has taken a lot of hard work, discipline and conviction, as with any book.
  • Lecé
    Dear Jesse San, your marketing techniques are very good :) Not quite as agressive as Ed above, who want´s us to buy his Ipad, but good indeed...
  • patrick
    After 2 weeks the "book" is here, USA - Belgium I like the book and love chapters.. and .... greetz
  • Boban Alempijevic
    Page: 81. Nightshift... before this shift is over book is done. Extreamly annoyed. Cant train due to a hip injury... Keep on reading.... getting more annoyed. WANT TO TRAIN.... reading... GOD damit.... Jesse. I luuuurve you sensei :)
    • Hang in there BOBAN-SAN!!!
    • Hi! Sorry, no Spanish version... :(
      • diego romero
        *whistles innocently*
        • *hurries to post office*
      • Vicente
        Un versión en castellano te aportaría grandes ventajas. Hay mucho público latino americano y español deseando está traducción. Saludos desde España.
  • paulh
    Jesse-san! I've been meaning to purchase this for a while now. Just noticed today that you have a KINDLE version... done deal. I have as many of my karate/iaido references as I can on my iPhone so that I can read/browse them where evere I am!
  • Raphael Piras
    I'm waiting mine !!!
  • Peter G.N. GRIFFIN
    What is the Code of KARATE ?,....or WHAT is the Code of ALL and ANY Martial Art ??? Here's a clue : Join the Military; learn as much as you can; then apply to Special Forces , do your time, get deployed, and you'll be half way there - then IF you survive, in one piece, and return home from HELL on earth, you'll spend the rest of your life trying to figure out, WHAT happened, WHY it happened, WHERE it happened, HOW it happened, and then sometime after these questions still remain without answers, you'll ask yourself one simple question - "WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN ???" Answer : WHO CARES, use your other senses, and STOP THINKING SO MUCH - Learn to JUST BE ! - Learn "MUSHIN" , and be thankful YOU ARE ALIVE, and can still smell, see, feel, hear, taste, but more importantly - LOVE ! The CODE, is to JUST BE,... and LOVE; these were the words of a dying man where not a day goes by I miss his infinite wisdom. A true gentleman, teacher, leader, but most importantly a TRUE WARRIOR !
  • I want to learn karate for high level but I cannot afford to go in karate classes n also can't afford to buy these costly books of karate. So plz help me wt can I do to learn karate high level moves n some stunts of karate. Plz tell me,help me
  • Prince
    I would love to read it and take my Karate to the next level.

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