Okinawa Traditional Karatedo Kobudo World Tournament 2009 – Day 3 (Tournament)

So, day three of the “Okinawa Traditional Karatedo Kobudo World Tournament 2009″ is officially over.

And my eyes are soon officially closed, since I’ve been awake roughly 18 hours now.

Which means… I’m not going to write that much right now. Sorry! I really want to sleep so that I can be “clear in the head” for tomorrow’s seminars! I saw many cool and unusual kata today, by the way. You’ll see them too, later.


Okay, over to today.

I’ll keep it short:

Everything started 8.15 this morning, with lineup for adults male kata. I participated and did four kata (won three rounds). Nothing I’m proud of, so let’s forget that. Then it was bo kata, female juniors karate kata, sai kata, female adults, some seniors karate and kobudo, more juniors and so on… until around 18:00. Then finals (video of course), dinner, straight home to the computer… and here I am.

That was my day.

Okay, one of my eyes is asleep already, so I’ll just give you some pictures for now. I promise to write something worthy of reading, tomorrow… If I don’t get caught up in karaoke or some sayonara-party!

Not unlikely…

Okay, pictures:

Here we have the whole arena, with people/volunteers etc. preparing for the tournament this morning.

Flags, right side of the arena.

Flags, left side of the arena. Notice the ORION BEER sign in red (written in Japanese).

There’s nothing like alcohol and violence…

The crowd.

And of course, a fanpic of the female adults kata winner, Kinjo Sayuri.

I told you!

Last but not least… the undefeated winner of the male adult sai kata division (for like the tenth time…), Nakamoto Mamoru.

He is also undefeated in magic tricks with coins (I never figure them out – how can a coin go up his sleeve and come out from his ear?).

Anyway… that’s it for tonight.

Now both of my eyes are asleep (I’m actually writing this with my ki-force).

See you tomorrow.


But don’t count on it…


  • Ny Iago
    Say, since you're always at the big events and post good quality photos and videos, ever thought of writing as a journalist for a karate video or the Okinawan karate museum? Keep it up by the way! :)
  • Andreas
    yeah! honestly, I've been in and out my garden all day to check back for your news at the computer. Can't wait to read and see more :O)
  • Tim H
    thanks for keeping us in the loop for those that couldn't make it this year.Looking forward to more reports,well done.
  • Francisco
    I truly enjoyed my first visit at your site and the excellent reporting, photos and all the information that is available. From those of us limited to travel to these events, thank you very much. I look forward to many frequent visits; as I've subscribed to your Blog via RSS.
  • Diego Romero
    Is that the flag of Paraguay i see in the first flag picture? By the way, was there anyone from Argentina there?
  • Thank you everyone for your comments! Makes me happy! :) (Diego: There were many from Argentina!)
  • Diego Romero
    Yay for Argentina! Do you know which styles were represented by our guys? I know we have Uechi, iogkf and even some Ryuei fellows here, so I'm curious to know if any of them went there.
  • @Diego Sorry, don't know.! All I know is that they wanted to take a picture with me and my brother... :)
  • Tim H
    Hi Jesse.Is there any information available that can tell us who placed 1st,2nd,3rd etc in the various divisions? Diego san there are many Matsubayashi Ryu dojo in Argentina also
  • Sorry, don't know about exact results... Mayb they'll post it at the official webpage? I remember most results though :P
  • Andreas
    I wrote the following email to the secretary of the excecutive comittee; just hope the understand what I mean :O) ???????? ???????????????? ???? ???2009 ??????????????????? ????? ??? ?? ????Karatedo Senior Female Kata?? ????? ??? ?? ????Karatedo Senior Male Kata?? ????? ?? ?? ????Karatedo Adult Female Kata??--??????? (Sûpârinpê) ????? ?? ?? ????Karatedo Adult Male Kata??--? ????? (Sêsan) ????? ?? ?? ????Karatedo Junior Female Kata?? ????? ?? ?? ????Karatedo Junior Male Kata?? ?????????????????Kobudo Senior Male?Female Bo?? ????????????????Kobudo Adult Female Bo?? ????????????????Kobudo Adult Male Bo?? 10?????????????????Kobudo Senior Male?Female Sai?? 11????????????????Kobudo Adult Male?Female Sai?? ????? ?? ??????????? 40472 ???????? ??
  • Andi
    Here's the answer of the committees secretary: 1. Karatedo Senior Female Kata: Arakaki Kazuko 2. Karatedo Senior Male Kata: Shinjo Narihiro 3. Karatedo Adult Female Kata: Sayuri Kinjo (w/(Sûpârinpê) ) 4. Karatedo Adult Male Kata: Masuda Norihiko (w/Sesan) 5. Karatedo Junior Female Kata: Nakamura Megumi 6. Karatedo Junior Male Kata: Takuya Uemura 7. Kobudo Senior Male?Female Bo: Miyazato Eisuke 8. Kobudo Adult Female Bo: Yamashiro Wakana 9. Kobudo Adult Male Bo: Iha Mitsutada 10. Kobudo Senior Male?Female Sai: (husband and wife) Nakamoto Mamoru & Hitomi 11. Kobudo Adult Male?Female Sai: Shimamura Masayoshi & Kishaba Hiroko BTW: All the winners are from Okinawa!
  • Andi, That's great! Okinawa putting Okinawan Karate back on the map... hah!
  • Jorge
    Answer to Diego Romero: Hi, mi name is George. My daughter was part of Argentina team in the Tournament. They were 8 persons (4 female and 4 male) in representation of Shorin Ryu Kyudokan Rengokai Style. Jesse, Congratulation for you Excellent Reporting. Thank you Very Much.
  • Jorge
    CONGRATULATION!!! Argentina Team for your Excellent Performance in the Karatedo Tournament 2009. George.
  • What are the requirement for entering the Okinawa Traditional Karatedo Kobudo World Tournament? Can anyone enter that is practicing Traditional Okinawan Karate, or do you have to belong to a certain association? Thanks

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