My 7 Best Pictures from Okinawa

It is well know that the old masters of Karate and Kobudo were often skilled in both the fine arts and the martial arts. As I have written before, this concept is known as “Bun Bu Ryo Do” in Japanese.

In Western terms, we would say that they practised both the “pen and the sword”, so to speak.

For example (when they weren’t busy kicking and punching each other) they often composed poems, wrote calligraphy, painted or played music. Even Taira Shinken, the famous Kobudo pioneer was a professional Sanshin-player, and apparently a good one!

Now, I can’t claim to be a good poet, calligrapher, artist or even musician (though I have a Sanshin!), but if there is one thing I can do, when it comes to art, then it has to be photography. At least if you count taking lousy photos and editing them with the computer as art!

So, today I thought I would post a few of my favourite photos I took in Okinawa, “the birthplace of Karate”.

One picture says more than a thousand words right? Let’s see… 7 pictures x 1000 words…

This has to be my longest post ever!


(Right click if you want to save it to your computer!)

1. Shurijo (Shuri Castle)


2.Waterfall in Kume Village (Fukushuen Kouen)


3. 10’000 Men Eisaa Festival (Kokusai Dori)


4. Tokashiki Island (Tokashiki Beach)


5. Shurijo (Shuri Castle)


6. Shiisa on Rooftop (Shuri, Torihori)


7. Waterfall with Secret Cave (Fukushuen Kouen)



  • PS. By the way, soon is the one year birthday of KBJ. Ideas?
  • Shayan
    The last picture is definetly the best one ! Nice pics btw :D
  • Tony
    absolutely awesome pictures thanks so much for the site - it's just great!
  • Andi
    I love clouds, blue color and Shisa, so No. 6 is my favorite.
  • Fabrizio
    Wonderful! Thanks for share all your photos and videos!
  • Dan Gurley
    Ditto on #6. That was my favorite, but all the photos are quite good. Later,
  • Jesse -san You are not only an exellent writer, your photos are as great as your karate and kobudo! You always make me happy!
  • Dan Gurley
    As far as the 1 year anniversary ... Let's see some videos of Jesse doing karate and kobudo! Later, Dan
  • Hey Dan, Hmmm... :)

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