10 Videos from KNX15 – The Karate Nerd Experience 2015


“Master Ken” was the secret sensei!

After weeks of processing and editing, 10 videos from my recent KNX15 seminar are now ready for you to download.

 Get the videos here.

The videos were professionally filmed, and consist of training & lectures from all 3 days.

Featured instructors include Dr. Hokama Tetsuhiro (10th dan, Okinawa), Jonathan Horne (World Kumite Champion), Waldo Zapata (BJJ/MMA pioneer) & “Master Ken” (this year’s secret sensei).

But wait – there’s more!

I also included a BONUS interview with Hokama sensei, based on questions submitted via my KbJ facebook.

Here’s everything you get:

Table of Contents

01: Hokama Tetsuhiro: Exclusive Interview (BONUS CONTENT)

02: Jesse Enkamp: Hip Mobility & Okinawa Niseishi (Ryuei-ryu) Bunkai

03: Waldo Zapata: Practical Ground Fighting

04: Hokama Tetsuhiro Q & A: History of Karate

05: Hokama Tetsuhiro: Okinawan Self Defense & Vital Points (Kyusho-Jutsu)

06: Jonathan Horne: World Champion Kumite

07: Hokama Tetsuhiro: Karate Body Conditioning & Sanchin Kata

08: Jesse Enkamp: Movement Flow & Okinawa Niseishi (Ryuei-ryu) Kata

09: Jesse Enkamp: Active Tennis Ball Recovery (Myofascial Release Therapy)

10: Secret Sensei: “Master Ken” (Ameri-Do-Te)

So… what are you waiting for?

Get the KNX15 videos now!

Enjoy! ; -)



  • Nic
    Hi Jesse, Thanks so much for this! Is there also a "Jesse's Notes" like there was from last year?
    • Hi Nic-san! No bonus .pdf this year, just bonus video interview with Hokama sensei! :-) Thanks for supporting my work!
  • Mike Black
    Jesse....Just a suggestion that you might want to show short video clips of your seminars for marketing purposes. I am interested in your dvd's but would like to see the quality of the video before I order. Mike Black
    • Thanks for the idea Mike-san! I will make a short "trailer" with the videos, in case more people doubt the quality.
      • Shaun E
        There should be no doubt in the quality from this site. I haven't even watched all the clips and I feel like I've level'd up! Can't wait for #KNX2016
    • Roger
      The quality of the videos exceeded my expectations by far. Well done, Jesse!
      • Thank you Roger-san! Glad you liked the quality of the KNX15 videos. Keep training!
  • Paul
    The quality of the videos is superb, both visual and sound is top quality stuff. And the quality of the content is even better than superb, it’s gonna take me ages to absorb the excellent information on there. Basically, it rocks man!! Cheers Jesse-san, top draw stuff, keep it up dude :-)
    • Thanks Paul-san, much appreciated! Glad you enjoyed it.
  • John
    Do you still have footage from your first seminar also?

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