10 Small Karate Pieces (pt. 2)

I drew ten more.

Well, actually eleven. But ten looks better in the headline. Here’s the ten previous ones.

(As always, click the picture to see full size)


  • PS. I'm going away for three days. Expect some nice videos after the weekend! (You're subscribing to my youtube channel, right?)
  • Steve B
    Jesse, Your observations are wickedly accurate! The Obesity/Dan graph struck a nerve - the diet starts today. Regards, Steve (4th Dan) (Egg-on-legs)
    • Steve, Wonderful! Good luck :)
  • CombatWarrior
    HAHA!! I LOVE THESE! Somebody should seriously print a t-shirt with them!!!! :D
  • Jack Brown
    Couldn't agree with you more.
  • hi jesse.. it's funny and awful pictures! best! thanks...
  • Jack M
    That last one means that the more time you train the less success you have. Call yourself a nerd...
  • Deepak
    Hello Mr.Jesse... Today we have finalised a place for my daughter Kanak (Black belt 1st Den) to teach Karate for kids . Expecting your suggestions.. Regards

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