Do you want to host a seminar with Jesse Enkamp? 

Jesse regularly conducts seminars around the world for both kids & adults, beginners & advanced.

These seminars are generally sold out way in advance, due to Jesse’s popularity in the international Karate space.

Hosting Jesse in your dojo is an exciting opportunity for your dojo to create a buzz in the local Karate scene, as people regularly travel across countries to attend these events. Your dojo will also receive great marketing by Jesse through his social media channels and online network.

A seminar with Jesse always has a special theme; ranging from unique Okinawan Karate Principles to Biomechanics to Kobudo to Practical Kata Applications to Sport Karate and much more.

The seminar will be tailored to your dojo’s specific needs and target market, either private or public – open to all styles, belt levels & organizations.

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