You just stumbled across a pretty cool opportunity. is one of the most popular niche sites on search engines and social media when it comes to Karate – both traditional and modern – along with its related topics (including, but not limited to; martial arts, Okinawa, Japan, Asia, culture, travel, physical fitness, self-defense etc.).

The site is frequently talked about on major martial arts forums and news sites, and Jesse himself is contacted daily by cool dudes, world champions, enthusiastic readers, prolific authors and famous researchers galore. The content of the site is diverse, as Jesse frequently travels all over the world to participate in major martial arts and Karate events; including seminars, tournaments and demos (read more about Jesse here) to write reports, reflections and reviews.

Apart from this website, also has a related, hugely popular, YouTube channel which boasts some of the most frequently “Featured” and “Recommended” martial arts videos on YouTube to date. The channel is among the top 50 subscribed to channels (of all time) in YouTube’s “Guru” category. Extra social channels include Jesse’s Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

So what about the audience?

Well, the readers of are highly interested and motivated when it comes to learning, training, reading, searching, taking action and expanding their field of knowledge. Particularly in Karate. Although their interests might range from taekwondo to judo to boxing, they all have one thing in common: A true passion for the martial arts in general, and Karate in specific.

So, does this sound like something you could be interested in?

Then hold on… because there’s more!

Here’s some extra site stats you might be interested in (as of march 2013):

  • Unique visits/month: 191’303
  • Average time/visit: 00:02:47
  • Average number of pages/visit: 3-4
  • Most popular countries: USA, UK, Canada, Germany
  • Total number of visiting countries: 206
  • Main sources: Referring: 23,99%, Search: 28,27%, Direct: 39,51%
  • Top traffic source: is the perfect choice if you’re looking for highly targeted traffic along with good conversion rates and awesome customers for your great products and/or services.

So, with all this information presented – what’s the deal?

Well, there are a couple of options – and they’re all limited in terms of time, space, guidelines and budget. Because Jesse is pretty picky.

Sponsoring Options

Sponsored Review: If you would like to showcase your product or service to the readers of, you will need to contact Jesse and supply a non-returnable sample. The review will be 100% honest in terms of quality, impression, functionality etc. and may or may not be published on the website depending on if the product or service is deemed uninteresting or irrelevant.

Sponsored YouTube Video: If you would like Jesse to upload a cool and relevant video message to the KARATEbyJesse YouTube subscribers about yourself, your product or service, you will need to contact Jesse and supply the video in question – along with a video description and/or social media links to be included. The video can either be featured prominently in the middle of the main channel, or in the bar along with other videos, depending on your choice.

Sponsored Advertising (limited spots):

  • 125×125 ad button
  • 300×250 ad button
  • 728×90 ad button
  • 160×600 ad button
  • Text links
  • Takeover (background + ad space)

Please contact Jesse to provide graphics, tracking code, HTML etc. for serious and relevant content that provides great value for the readers.

Sponsored (Social) Media Content:

  • Tweets
  • Facebook Updates
  • YouTube Subscriber Newsletter
  • E-mail Newsletter
  • Google+ Updates

Please contact Jesse to provide the complete message, links, graphics etc. Please make sure it’s relevant and interesting.

Note: Several other types of sponsorship, support and cooperation (co-authorship, free giveaways, competitions, sponsored learning material, ebooks etc.) are possible upon request. But nothing that sucks, please.

Jesse is no sellout and never will be.

Keep it real.

(Well, unless you offer amazing carrot cake. He’ll do basically anything for that. Especially with a cold glass of raw milk.)

Sponsoring Costs

With every Sponsoring Option comes a price, which varies from case to case based upon several factors; current demand, available options, type of Sponsoring Option requested and budget.

To improve your chances of working with, please provide a budget estimate upon contacting Jesse, as there might be several sponsors interested in the same Sponsorship Option. 

If you are interested in cooperating, sponsoring, advertising or supporting in any genuine way, don’t hesitate to use the contact form here.

Good luck!


Keep up the good work! Your web page is becoming really famous, I hear a lot you know!

Antonio Diaz, WKF Karate World Champion, World Games Champion, Venezuela