‘RISE’: Awesome Sport Karate Documentary, ‘The Karate Code’ eBook & Exclusive ‘Oldman’s Bubishi’ Contest

Hey guys,

Today I have three announcements to make (or rather; two announcements and one competition)!

First of all:

1. ‘RISE: A Journey into WKF Karate’

Last week I posted a pretty cool spankin’ new documentary entitled RISE on the KARATEbyJesse YouTube channel.

Did you see it?

The documentary, which was shot, edited and published by my friend Andy Hourahine (Force Productions/The Active City) tries to depict the following:

“What does it take to follow a dream of international success in WKF Karate? “RISE”, a short film exclusively produced for a local Canadian film festival, follows a young Canadian competitor as she sets out to find her answer. Featuring original footage from Karate Ontario, Ontario Summer Games, Black Belt Nationals, USANKF Junior Olympics, and the Pan Am Karate Championships 2012.”

Needless to say, the short film has gained a couple of thousand views already, and the ever-present army of YouTube desktop warriors have gradually started battling in the comment section.

In case you missed it, here it is:

What do you think?

Now, secondly:

2. The Karate Code as eBook

For those of you who were unable to get a physical copy of my debut book (The Karate Code) there’s now a .pdf file version for download right here.

(In the top right corner you can preview the book for free.)

Hopefully this will get more people to appreciate the message of the last living old Okinawan/Japanese masters, whose personal thoughts on the true meaning of “Karate” I present in the book.

Quick links for more info about ‘The Karate Code’:

Lastly, the third item on today’s agenda:

3. Exclusive: Oldman’s Bubishi Competition

Recently published by my friend Mark Cook, ‘Oldman’s Bubishi‘ is a richly illustrated book featuring bunkai to Karate’s kata. But not in your usual style – this is cartoon style!

The book, intended as “a workbook for you to take onto the dojo mat”, focuses on the widely practiced Pinan/Heian kata series, where ‘Oldman’ and his nemesis introduce you to the bone breaking beauty of the kata. (And although the bunkai are presented in a very fun comic style, they’re surprisingly practical!)

So, being the Karate blogmeister that I am, of course I got two secret copies sent to me before everybody else…!

And now you can be the proud owner of one!

In order to win this “Oldman’s Bubishi” book , all you have to do is the following:

Write a testimonial about me and my website.

That’s it.

Very quick and simple.

You see, I’m about to “perhaps” update this website in the near future, and I would love for new visitors to quickly get the right feeling – by reading your quotes!

So just write a testimonial for me, and some day next week I’ll choose a favorite and send the book sent straight to you (don’t worry, I’ll pay shipping).

You can send your testimonial by e-mail or just write it in the comment section. Be sure to include your name, country/state, and hopefully some cool title too (“x dan”, Ph.D., lord, doctor, hanshi etc.) if you got one.

Example: “I read KARATEbyJesse.com every day, because Jesse is by far the most handsomest karate-ka in the whole blogosphere!” – John Doe, Canada.

You get the deal.

(Legal stuff: By taking part in this contest, you agree to let me freely use your testimonial in the future.)

Thanks guys, that’s all for today!

Keep keepin’ it real!


  • Dan
    Uh, uh, yes, I want one! Okayz, lemme try writting something here... . . . "This is, by far, the most übersoming awesometastic blog about karate in the internet. Jesse writes in a charismatic flow of words capable of not only enticing your thoughts, but also inspire you to behave the same way." - Daniel Dal Corso, Brazil, 5th kyu
  • Raphael Piras
    Great initiative ! I like thatAll the best !
  • Thanks for the shout out Jesse! Great idea for the contest. I imagine your readers that are great wordsmiths can't wait to get into the game. I just wanted to remind your other readers, ( the ones whut don't rite to gooD ) that they are still winners in my book. To the ones that speak and write multiple languages... You guys blow my mind.
  • Sebastian
    Well, here goes nothing:"Karatebyjesse.com is, for sure, one of the best karate-nerd-related blogs around. Through a fun and comprehensive way, Jesse-san gets you to re-think your training and take it to a whole new level, as well as teaching you history and facts of the martial art." Sebastián López, Mexico, 1st Kyuu (also historian, and hopefully shodan by the end of the year lol)
  • Thanks for all the great e-mails you guys have sent so far (and comments)! Winner will be chosen pretty soon ;)
  • Vasco
    Jesse good luck on your contest. I don't know if you've seen this but here it goes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ev1DdJjh098&feature=related (Luca Valdesi)
    • Thanks Vasco-san, I've seen that clip indeed - the new Chuck Norris! ;)
      • Leo
        When Luca Valdesi performs kata, he's testing the referees.
  • If you ever knewwhats good for you read thejessekarate stuff. The insights will set you free. After all its good stuff.
  • Joe Truncale
    I found your site and video very interesting. As an old Karate (as well as Jujitsu, Tanto-jutsu, Wakizashi-jutsu etc.)sensei (Rokudan Shotokan) I am always interested in anything to do with the martial arts. Your new book "Old Man's Bubishi" looks very funny and relevant today. I tried to look it up on amazon but it is not listed. In any case, I would like to purchase a copy. I write a lot of reviews for Amazon and would like to write one for your book. Live Bushido! Joseph J. Truncale: Chief Instructor Bushi Satori Ryu.
  • Ajay
    Not on amazon uk.
  • Karate nerd cuber
    great video dude

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