Welcome to KNX21: The Karate Nerd Experience 2021 [SOLD OUT]

SOLD OUT! Pre-order the video recordings here.

Dear Karate Nerd,

Are you ready for the world’s #1 Karate camp?

For the 7th year in a row, I’m organizing my annual KNX seminar.

The event takes place in Poland on Aug 6th – 9th.

If you’re new here, KNX is about learning and connecting on a deeper level. Quality over quantity.

The goal is laser focused:

Take YOUR Karate to the NEXT level!

I’ve been to hundreds of Karate camps across the world. Sadly, only a handful of those were epic experiences.

Often I wasted both time and money on “experts” or champions who didn’t inspire me or teach anything special.

So believe me:

KNX21 will be unlike ANY other seminar you’ve EVER attended.

Your belt level, experience or style doesn’t matter. KNX is for everyone who wants a life-changing moment…

…with likeminded Karate Nerds from around the world.

In fact, you don’t even need to bring your belt – because everyone wears the famous pink belt.

KNX takes place in a new country every year. This year’s location is a stunning Japanese-style village in a national park in Poland, uniquely designed for martial arts retreats.

SOLD OUT! Pre-order the video recordings here.

Here are some of the teachers:

Sifu Martin Watts

Yongchun White Crane

As you probably know, I recently visited China to research the roots of Karate.

During my stay in Yongchun village (the birthplace of White Crane style), I noticed many photos of a blonde Westerner on the walls.

When I asked who it was, they told me his name was Martin Watts, and he came to China 27 years ago to study White Crane kung fu at the source.

Today, Sifu Watts has become the Western world’s #1 expert on ancestral White Crane fist…

…the primary kung fu style that influenced the evolution of Karate!

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the ancient Chinese art that provided the historical framework for Karate to be developed in Okinawa.

At KNX21, Sifu Watts will share his comparative analysis of Karate and White Crane with us. We will learn the original Yongchun version of Sanchin (Sanzhan) kata along with its classical 2-person exercises linking back to Bubishi – The Bible of Karate.

Oliver Enkamp

Pro MMA Fighter

Due to popular demand, my brother Oliver returns share his unique blend of Karate and MMA.

Me and Oliver spent our childhood growing up in our family’s martial arts centre. Together, we’ve traveled the world to train with the “best of the best” – ranging from grandmasters in Okinawa to UFC champions in America.

By combining his Karate skills as national team athlete, with insights from mentors like Lyoto Machida, GSP and the Gracie Brothers, Oliver has designed a system that combines the best elements of MMA and Karate.

The result is a comprehensive method that provides a simple pathway to fighting mastery.

At KNX21, Oliver will reveal the techniques and tactics that earned him multiple wins as professional MMA fighter (UFC, Bellator) from a Karate perspective.

Dr. Lucio Maurino

European & World Champion

For the first time in history, I’m bringing back a previous teacher!

Dr. Lucio Maurino (Level IV Olympic Coach & Biomechanics Expert) was the very first KNX instructor in 2014.

Since then, the world of Karate and Sport Science has evolved drastically. For this reason, I’ve invited him back to share his new discoveries about motor control optimization and teaching / learning methodologies.

As Karate Nerds, it’s our duty to understand both the old and the new. Between tradition and science. Few people are more qualified than Lucio Maurino to lead us down this path.

That’s why I chose him as the first KNX teacher – seven editions ago!

As multiple-times European and World Champion, Dr. Maurino has unique insights that will be shared in both practical and theoretical lessons.

Jesse Enkamp

The Karate Nerd

Last but not least… me! If you’re not a long-time reader, allow me to briefly introduce myself:

I’m a lifelong Karate Nerd, national team athlete, founder of Seishin International, author of multiple books, a “Youtuber” and carrot cake lover.

My job is to elevate the collective consciousness of Karate as a whole, regardless of dogmatic limitations, organizations, belts or styles.

After all, what brings us together is far more important than what sets us apart!

That’s why I believe Karate is the ultimate vehicle for self-actualization.

At KNX21, I will teach unique discoveries from my journey as “The Karate Nerd”.

There will also be a Secret Sensei!

If you want to experience a life-changing seminar and make new friends for life, KNX21 is the perfect opportunity for you.

The only requirement is that you’re 18+ years old, have an open mind, can travel on your own and speak English.

Your ticket includes accommodation from August 6th to 9th, breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, all practical classes and theory lectures (including secret activities), venue fees, Karate Nerd goodie bag, professional videos and photos, plus entry to the spa.

SOLD OUT! Pre-order the video recordings here.

Note: Travel recommendations, locations and timetable will only be provided to participants (after the registration has closed).

Here’s a video from an earlier KNX:

So, what are you waiting for? Just register and come along!

We’ll take care of the rest for you. 😉

Questions? Leave a comment.

See you at KNX21!


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  • Abtone Chisinga
    Jesse, I realy appreciate all advice you send me here in Malawi. Please keep on sending I benefit from this and now you have completely changed my approach of karate training, this is good. One day I wish I visited you or attend your seminars. Please Jesse, help me become a complete karate Nerd. Thanks, Jesse Abtone.
    • Thanks for chiming in, makes me glad to hear!
  • Anna
    It was my dream, that I will participate in KNX if it will take place in my country (and now it does! ??) but... well, it’s financially impossible for me :( I hope you’ll love Poland, it’s such a beautiful place with amazing people and Karate community. I look forward to the videos :) Maybe one day I’ll have another opportunity to attend this kind of seminar. In Czech Republic for example ;)
    • Hope to train together some day Anna-san!
  • Agony
    Hi Jesse I would like to take part at KNX probably next year. Is it allways around the same time of the year? I need to tell it realy early at work you know... Cheers Agony
  • Cyprian
    Can I participate if I am under 18?
      • Stanislas
        What if we are accompanied by a friend or family over the age of 18?
        • Stanislas
          I'll be almost 18, that's why I'm asking
  • Jon Bertelsen
    Hi Jesse. I would really like to participate in the KNX, but right now finances are a bit low, since I’m between jobs. But when the time comes, it won’t be an issue. So here’s my question: How fast will payment need to be? Best wishes Jon
    Sounds like another seriously cool KNX, looking forward to Sifu Watts. I have already purchased the videos to the seminar. Have a great time all those that attend, I am envious.
  • Don
    Will you ever be coming to the usa? Midwest?
    • Yes, actually KNX17 was in USA. Might do a future edition there again!
  • David Hutchison
    When are you planning on touring Australia again?
    • No plans for another tour of Oz at the moment, but I'll be there one day again for sure!
  • Jair Tavares
    When will there be a KNX in Brazil?
  • Samuel
    Sad to not be able to participate. I'm from Canada. Too expensive to join you. I hope you'll come to Montréal, Québec, Canada one day ! It's a dream to meat you!
  • Cristina
    I hear ya my friend, I have the same issue specially in this difficult time. I hope Jesse san will come to Canada for one of his KNX. I really want to meet him and all the amazing people of the karate world.
  • How are you gonna do social distancing? what measures are you taking? I'm really glad you're still planning on doing KNX
  • Themis von Woellwarth
    Hey, I would love to come but with all respect is far too expensive Euro 1990/person for a martial art seminar for 2-3 days! It is sad because people who really wish to learn, they are "shut down" due to the requested fees. I hope one day you might reconsider it and find a way to offer more affordable fees. Sincerely Yours Themis von Woellwarth Lauterburg
  • Manuel
    Hey Jesse-san, Hope I can join one day your KNX. Since I fall over :-) your YT channel and your website, you changed a lot. And all these great people you are invited for the KNX. Do you have also dates when you are in Germany at 2021? At some Dojo’s or something like that? Greetings from Germany :-)
  • Tom honig
    Does the registration include the flying ticket or only the accomodation?
  • Hi Jesse-san, Hope I can join KNX. watched YT. that's is awful. I want you to teach my son, as he's now growing up but has some natural skills in karate. Hope you will help me in this regard. Thanks in advance.
  • Erik Heyl
    I'm moving so I won't be able to attend (though I did pre-order the replays), but I'm curious as to where the pricing information is, as there doesn't seem to be a link on the page? May as well start saving up :)
  • Alek
    Hi Jesse, very cool! How can I register or is it too late now as I can't find the link... Alek
  • I really apricate your struggles and hard work although I would love to come but with all respect is far too expensive Euro 1990/person for a martial art seminar for 2-3 days. Thanks for sharing, no doubt this is one of the best site is putting quality content over sports updates and news. It is more likely to follow you. No doubt, these ideas are the best that can passionate anyone to do amazing things. https://sportsshow.net/reviews/4-player-air-hockey-tables/
  • Giuseppe
    Hi Jesse! You still don't know it, but we became friends in the last month. I am literally addicted to your yt channel, so I would love to join my new buddy at the next KNX. How can I book for 2022?

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