10 Questions About KNX (The Karate Nerd Experience)


Two days ago I opened registration for KNX19: The Karate Nerd Experience 2019 and over half of the tickets are gone.

Today I want to answer 10 question I’ve received about KNX.

Check it out:

1: “I’m 46 years old and usually train Karate 2 times per week. Will the seminar be suitable for someone of my age and fitness level?”

Answer: The goal of KNX is to improve your Karate through new ideas, people and insights. Since Karate is a highly individual journey, everyone is there on their own terms. It’s not a competition. In fact, we’ve had both injured and disabled participants previous years. So no, your fitness level doesn’t matter – only your mindset does.

2. “I am a relatively new black belt. I know some advanced katas from my Karate style, and very little katas of other styles. Does style/grade matter?”

Answer: The Karate Nerd Experience is open to all styles and grades. You’re there to learn stuff – not to know stuff. Besides, a Karate Nerd doesn’t care too much about styles, grades or belts. Those are distractions on the journey to self-discovery. Even if we chose different paths, we’re all on the same mountain of Karate.

3. “Will the seminar explore different aspects of Karate? Kata, bunkai, self- defence, spiritual, etc?”

Answer: Yes. By definition, a Karate Nerd is someone who explores Karate from a 360 degree perspective; kata, kumite, bunkai, kobudo, history, art, language, culture, sport science, philosophy etc. It’s all part of the incredibly fun diversity of Karate.

4. “Help! I cannot attend due to money/time/family/health etc. Is there a way to still participate? I’m a “Karate Nerd” in my heart!”

Answer: Yes. The whole experience will be recorded by a professional videographer, so you can enjoy KNX from home. You can pre-order the KNX19 videos here.

5. “What do you mean by The Karate Nerd “Experience”? What makes KNX so super special? Isn’t it just a regular seminar?”

Answer: KNX is not a “regular” seminar. There won’t be tons of people standing behind each other, copying mindless punches, kicks and blocks for hours and hours, just to go home sweaty – but unfulfilled.

At KNX, you literally eat, sleep & train together with passionate Karate Nerds just like you for multiple days. In this process, you widen your perspective on Karate from both a physical, technical and social standpoint. This is life-changing.

If you ask me, KNX is a totally new kind of Karate “seminar”. Perhaps you must be there to truly understand…

Here’s a video from last year:

6. “Is flight included?”

Answer: If I could wave a magic wand and teleport all attendees to KNX for free, I would! But at the moment, travel is the only thing that participants need to cover themselves. Everything else is taken care of. Just register and show up!

7. “Are we talking modern competition Karate or, rather traditional, Okinawa-style Karate? I noticed you kinda tackle both approaches.”

Answer: We’re talking Karate. From every angle. Because life’s too short to be stuck in a box! That’s the Karate Nerd mindset. What brings us together is far more empowering than what sets us apart.

8. “I practice style X. Our kata are different than other styles. Will there be a specific style taught?”

Answer: The teachings at KNX transcend stylistic limitations. All styles can attend, and you should be prepared to feel like a beginner.

9. “I am very much interested in the KNX, but as I focus very much on the self-defense aspects of the martial arts, I wouldn’t be so much interested in more sport/competition/athletic orientated topics. Can I still attend?”

Answer: I recommend you stay home. If you’re not interested in exploring a diverse range of Karate aspects, you’re simply not a Karate Nerd by definition. I’m not saying you need to *love* every side of Karate – but you do need to learn from it all.

10. “Are spots allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis?”

Answer: Yes. You can register for KNX19 here. There are only 15 spots left…

Thanks for reading!


  • Brian Corscadden
    How much does knx camps cost , traveling from Australia .
    • It's different each year. You can find this year's event details here.
  • Rodney Ockimey jr
    Hello and thank you for including me in the loop. I find you very knowledgeable and informative. I do love every aspect of the arts and look forward to reading and watching your lessons. Thanks again
    Thanks, that answered a lot of questions. Maybe put this article up every year around this time. I get the videos each year and get a lot out of them but to actually go to a KNX would be very cool. Maybe one year.
    • Absolutely! Thanks for your comment. Hope to see you at the next KNX! :-)

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