15 Frequently Asked Questions About KNX21

Did you see?

I recently announced The Karate Nerd Experience 2021, and more than half the spots are already sold out!

(View the invitation if you missed it)

Today, I want to answer 15 commonly asked questions about the event.

Hopefully this can help you decide whether to attend the event, or just get the KNX21 videos.

Check it out:

#1: “I’m 46 yrs old and usually train Karate 2 times per week. Will the seminar be suitable for someone of my age and fitness level? (I am reasonably fit, but 7 hrs hard training would be a bit much for me!)”

Answer: The goal of KNX21 is not to sweat in a gi for 7 hours per day, but to improve your Karate through new ideas, people and insights into your personal practice. More does not equal better. Anyone can make you sweat. But not anyone can make you level up! Your fitness level doesn’t matter nearly as much as your mindset does.

#2. “I am a relatively new black belt. I know some advanced katas from my Karate style, and very little katas of other styles. Does style/grade matter?”

Answer: KNX21 is open to all styles and grades. You’re there to learn stuff… not to know stuff. A true Karate Nerd doesn’t care too much about styles, grades or associations. Those can often stand in the way of potential growth. Never let your style limit your Karate!

#3. “Will the seminar explore all aspects of Karate? Kata, bunkai, self- defence, body mechanics etc?”

Answer: Yes. By definition, a “Karate Nerd” is someone who explores Karate from a 360 degree perspective. This includes kata, bunkai, kumite, history, philosophy, sport science etc. It’s all part of the amazing diversity of Karate.

#4. “Help! I cannot attend due to money/time/family/health etc. Is there a way to still participate? I’m a “Karate Nerd” in my heart!”

Answer: Yes. The classes will be recorded, so you can enjoy KNX21 from home. You can get the videos here. (Pre-order now to save 20 bucks). Of course, videos are included for participants.

#5. “What do you mean by The Karate Nerd “Experience”? What makes KNX so super special? Isn’t it just a regular seminar?”

Answer: KNX is not a “regular” seminar. There won’t be masses of people standing behind each other, copying mindless punches, kicks and blocks for hours, just to go home sweaty… but unfulfilled. At KNX21, you will literally eat, sleep & train together with crazy Karate Nerds just like you. These friendships last forever. In this process, you transform your perspective on Karate – from both a physical, technical and spiritual standpoint. Maybe you have to be there to truly understand…

#6. “How far is the venue from the airport? Will any transport be provided?”

Answer: The KNX21 venue is an amazing martial arts resort in Poland, built like a Japanese-style village. It’s located in a national park 2,5 hours from Warsaw. The cheapest way too get there is by train from the airport. Personally, I will rent a car because I have so much stuff (plus I’m bringing my family).

#7. “Do I need to arrange my own sleeping arrangements?”

Answer: Nope! Your accommodation is included, along with breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will also get snacks.

#8. “Can children sign up for this seminar? My son is 8 year old, 4th kyu, training for about 3 years. He is very enthusiastic about Karate and I usually try to sign him up for all the Karate camps that I attend”.

Answer: That’s awesome. But KNX is just for 18+. Maybe there will be a kids edition in the future, who knows?

#9. “Are we talking modern competition Karate or, rather traditional, Okinawa-style Karate? I noticed you kinda tackle both approaches.

Answer: Exactly! We’re talking Karate… with a capital K. From all angles and approaches. Because life’s too short to be stuck in a box. That’s the liberating Karate Nerd mindset.

#10. “I practice style X/Y/Z. Our kata are different than other styles. Will there be a specific style when it comes to teaching at KNX20?”

Answer: The teachings of KNX transcend styles. Although it’s smart to have a proper style as your original base, be prepared to let your hair down at KNX21. Not only will you experience different styles of Karate, but different martial arts altogether (like White Crane kung fu).

#11. “I am very much interested in the KNX21, but as I focus on the historic and the contemporary self-defense aspects of the martial arts and on healthy body training methods, I wouldn’t be so much interested in more sport/competition/athletic orientated topics. Do you already know on which aspects you and other teachers will focus the KNX21?”

Answer: You can find out exactly what topic each teacher will focus on here. That said, if you’re not interested in exploring a wide range of Karate topics, KNX21 is not for you. I’m not saying you must *love* every aspect of Karate… but you do need to learn from it all. Because that’s what Karate Nerds do!

#12. “Is there perhaps a package discount for airfare from USA?”

Answer: If I could wave a magic wand to teleport all attendees to KNX21, I would! But at the moment, travel is the only thing that participants need to cover themselves. Everything else is taken care of.

#13. “Are spots allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis?”

Answer: Yes. But first your registration has to get approved.

#14. “Why so few spots?”

Answer: Because I want every participant to be seen. You’re not a cog in a McDojo machinery here. You’re a Karate Nerd. You’re a unique individual!

#15. “Why the pink belts?”

Answer: When nobody knows anyone else’s rank, it promotes an ego-free learning environment characterized by equality, camaraderie and empathy.

Oh, and it’s not pink… it’s “momo-iro” (peach blossom)!

Now, you have 2 choices:

Deep bow,

– Jesse

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