Watch Season 2 of “Karate Nerd in Okinawa” Now!

It’s time again!

My popular webshow “Karate Nerd in Okinawa” is back.

After your amazing feedback from Season 1, I knew I had to do a second season.

This time I’m training with new grandmasters, competing in the Okinawan World Tournament, discovering secret Karate techniques and historical locations, teaching my first Okinawan seminar…

…and MUCH more!

Are YOU ready to watch?

The first episode can be seen below.

Episode 1

I’m dropping NEW episodes every Sunday on my Youtube channel and Facebook page.

All episodes will also be added to this page.



  • Meera
    Yay!!!! Thank you for the new season Mr. Enkamp, I loved the first one, can't wait to see all the videos!!!??
    • Thanks! You'll love the upcoming episodes :-)
  • Very enjoyable please continue with the history and application of the old ways
    • Definitely! If we don't learn from the past, we can't understand the present or prepare for the future :-)
    • Wonderful! Stay tuned :-) New episode every Sunday!
  • Sweta
    Thank you. This will help me very much ? Oss
  • Colin Macrae
    Great start to season 2
    • Thank you! Glad you liked it. Much more coming!
  • Don
    That was great. Now I have to watch all of season 1 this week! Thank you
  • Hi Jesse San I really enjoy watching all your videos , a wealth of information..... I really find the Okinawa Videos helpfull.... I am going to Okinawa with some of my Students in October..... Your videos helped a lot Thank you Regards Joe Sydney Australia
  • Armando Bucio
    Very good video ,is nice to see those gran masters of karate. I am very happy that you share your new season thank you for that all my respects to you always.
  • Justin D'Aversa
    Hey Sensei Jesse Loved it, thank you Looking forward to the next one. Kindest regards Justin Melbourne Australia
  • Olivier Gardenal
    How strange to see you arriving in Naha, stopping in Asahi Bashi, going to Asato Dojo and train with James, just like I did a week ago. Still in Naha for a week so I hope you will release episode 2 before I leave : I have so many things to learn from you and i 'd like to benefit from your "tips" ! ^^With all my respect for your incredible work and pedagogy,Olivier (France/Belgium).
    • Haha! Awesome, right? :-) Thanks Olivier-san, stay tuned for more... and enjoy your stay!

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