Welcome to KNX18: Okinawa Edition

Dear Karate Nerd,

Are YOU ready for the world’s BEST Karate camp?

For the 5th year in a row, I’m organizing my annual world-class Karate training and friendship seminar.

***SOLD OUT!*** Pre-order the seminar videos instead.

This year’s camp takes place in Okinawa, Japan, Dec 26th-30th.

Yes – at the birthplace of Karate!

KNX18 is not a “regular” Karate seminar.

The goal is laser-focused…

Take YOUR Karate to the NEXT level!

I’ve been to hundreds of Karate camps in my life – all over the world. Sadly, only a handful of those were epic experiences.

Often I wasted both time and money on “experts” or champions who didn’t inspire me or teach anything special.

So believe me:

KNX18 will be unlike ANY other seminar you’ve EVER attended.

Your belt level, experience or style doesn’t matter. KNX18 is for everyone who wants to experience the roots of Karate in Okinawa…

…with likeminded Karate Nerds from around the world!

And remember to leave your belt at home, since everyone gets the famous pink belt.

This year’s KNX18 is special, because it takes place in Okinawa. You’ll learn Karate directly from authentic Okinawan masters. You will also experience cultural activities, historical moments and traditional Okinawan food and music between training sessions.

We’ll also practice on the beach… and do cool secret activities. 😉

This will be an AMAZING time! 

Here are some KNX18 teachers:

Yoshio Kuba

Okinawa Goju-Ryu Kempo 

Yoshio Kuba is a master of bunkai (practical kata applications) and holds the rare degree of 10th dan black belt.

He started learning Karate at the age of 15 and was a direct student of Seikichi Toguchi [1917-1998], who studied under Chojun Miyagi [1888-1953] and Seiko Higa [1898-1966]. Beside his many achievements in Okinawan Karate,  Yoshio Kuba also holds a Master’s Degree in Pharmacy and runs a full time acupuncturist practice in Okinawa.

As the head of the Acupuncture Association in Japan, his deep knowledge of “kyusho” (vital points) is unparallelled in application.

Koiichi Nakasone

Ryukyu Kingdom Sui-Di Bujutsu

Koiichi Nakasone holds the degree of 9th dan black belt, in a rare full-contact (bare knuckle) style of old-school Karate from the Ryukyu Kingdom era – before modern styles were invented.

In his youth, Koiichi Nakasone spent three months in USA, traveling from dojo to dojo to challenge people in full contact fights (known in Japanese as “dojo yaburi”) to test his skills. Echoing the words of the legendary Choki Motobu [1870-1944]: “There is nothing more harmful to the world than a martial art that doesn’t work in reality.”

Today, Koiichi Nakasone is best known for his wealth of knowledge about bare-knuckle fighting, sparring, self defense and joint manipulation skills.

Kanji Uechi

Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do

The youngest Okinawan master at KNX18 is Kanji Uechi – but his experience is unique. As the direct descendant of Kanbun Uechi [1877-1948] (the founder of Uechi-ryu), Kanji Uechi started learning Karate at age 7 under the watchful eye of his grandfather Kanei Uechi [1911-1991] and his father Kanmei Uechi [1941-2015].

The Okinawan style of Uechi-ryu is known for it’s physical bone conditioning, deadly self-defense and unique Chinese animal techniques; including Tiger, Dragon and Crane.

Kanji Uechi is determined to pass on the original teaching of his family’s tradition.

Jesse Enkamp

The Karate Nerd

Last but not least… me! If you’re not a long-time KbJ reader, allow me to quickly introduce myself:

I’m “The Karate Nerd”, #1 Amazon best-selling author, founder of Seishin International, national team athlete, entrepreneur, social media ninja and carrot cake lover.

Growing up in my family’s dojo, the martial arts have always been my way of life. Today I teach, practice and work in my dojo in Sweden, but I constantly travel to teach, learn and share ideas with awesome people like you.

My passion is to help people use Karate as a vehicle for self-realization, through experience and education.


Are YOU excited?!

I can’t even sit still as I’m writing this!

If you want to discover Karate’s ancient roots and make new friends from around the world – this is for YOU!

The only requirement is that you’re 18+ years, have an OPEN MIND, can legally enter Japan and speak English.

***SOLD OUT!*** Pre-order the KNX18 videos instead.

Your ticket includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch, training, transfers, instructor/training venue fees, history tour, secret cultural activities, professional photos & videos, goodie bags from sponsors and more.

Just get your KNX18 ticket and come to Okinawa on Dec 26th-30th.

We’ll take care of the rest for you. 😉

Questions? Leave a comment.

See you!


PS. Here’s a review of last year’s KNX17

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  • Chris Kyriacou
    Oh Jesse you have raised the bar to MAXIMUM level!This is so awesome!!
    • Thanks Chris-san! As a previous KNX attendee, you know that Raising The Bar is my middle name :-) Hope to train together again!
  • Akshat
    I am only 17 ??????
  • Soahm Gupta
    Sensei Jesse what would will you be teaching this year ? Also this year seminar is great considering that this the completion of 5 years of knx can't wait .
    • Awesome! Thanks Soahm-san. Well.... I have many cool things to teach - stay tuned!
  • Rachelle Lawrence
    I'm so freaking excited!!!
    • BOOM! We're gonna have soooo much fun Rachelle-san :-) See you in Okinawa!!
  • Bonnie
    What are the costs involved for the seminar and who is the urgent for students from Africa as I am interested in attending the seminar?
    • Click the button in the post and you'll get all the info needed. Thanks!
      • Bonnie
        May you kindly explain to me as to how students from Africa pay? I dont see a buttom you referred to thank you
  • Vivek hegde
    Jesse uncle plzz come to india specially Hubli I in karnataka plzzzz
      • Vivek hegde
        Thank you
  • Hi Jesse, my name is Sabu Mathai and I am an instructor from Australia. I would like to subscribe your videos and I would also like to watch your old videos which for some reason is not accessible. Is it possible for me to purchase your old videos too. Thanks
  • Sue
    Hi, I would love to book it. However, I do have 3 kids and things happen. What are the implications if for some unfortunate reason I have to cancel
    • I'd suggest you stay home. Better safe than sorry! Maybe next year is more convenient (Europe).
      • Sue
        Good idea
      • Ole M. Werner
        2019 is in Europe? :-) Oh, I hope I don´t miss the announcment of booking! I´ve missed already 2018...
    I just signed up! Look forward to this event!
  • Prasad
    Hi sensei Jess, I am from Sri Lanka and practicing JKA Shotokan . I would like to invite to SLPrasad
  • Gene Smith
    It sounds like an exciting format and I'm interested in going. The one question I have is about travel to Okinawa - do you make your own flight plans from your region? Thank, Gene Smith
  • peter roche
    Would love to go and train in Japan have a love for it as a child ,but unfortunately I can't afford to get to the land of karate from Ireland but who knows maybe some time in future. Enjoy guys ous
  • Doc Seb
    Congratulations Jesse-San! 30 Karate Nerds from all over the world just in 3 days summoned! :) Great to thinking about being within this Group! See you all in Okinawa
  • Got my spot. First timer. Coming in from Canada See you there!
  • Giovanni
    This is going to be BOSS! Thank you Jesse Sensei
  • Nereu Gandra
    If someone gives up i'm interested, please contact me =)

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