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Hi there,

It’s Jesse here.

I got something important to tell you:

The Karate world is not what it used to be. During the recent modernization
of our wonderful martial art, some CRITICAL details were lost along the way.

What used to be a simple, logical and highly functional martial art has in many
places been reduced to a theatrical spectacle, consisting of impractical techniques,
outdated training methods, inflexible mindsets and so-called McDojos™.

It’s time to take a look at what being a Karate practitioner REALLY means.

It’s time to step back and rediscover the “essence” of Karate.

It’s time to become a Karate Nerd™

Here’s the deal:

In the FREE guide below, I will give YOU my exact formula for becoming
a complete “Karate Nerd” through embracing the UNIQUE mindset that separates
those who “get” Karate from those who don’t “get it” (and probably never will).


I will show you my PROVEN methods for discovering, exploring and understanding
stuff in Karate you didn’t even REALIZE was important – through my usual approach of
blending introspection, knowledge and humor in an easy-to-understand manner.

And I’m sure you’ll LOVE it.

Now, take your Karate to the next level.

Become an official Karate Nerd™ today!

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”

– Lucius Plutarchus (46 – 120 AD)





  • onek James paulino
    Good training
  • Zablakos vasilis
    Thanks a lot for your help i am grateful for your advice.
    I am a medical assistant. I earned shodan (Shotokan) from HSKA, Bangladesh. Now I'm disconnected from my teacher. Can I be able to be mastered in karate? What will be the guideline.
  • Vivek thapa
    I wanna be a KARATE NERD
  • Reginald Roberts
    Hey Jesse I'm a TAE kwon Do stylist. Can you look at the I.T.F forms and make a video on the practical application of the techniques? Thank you sensi!
  • Matt
    I do teakwondo but it is much closer to karate Okinawa then taekwondo
  • Anonymous
    I'm only a brown belt, but this website has been SO MUCH HELP already. Thx.
  • Lucinda
    I LOVE BEING A KARATE NERD!!!! (I bet that my sensei is secretly one as well, he loves karate so much that he has bound to have seen this website!)
  • athena
    Hi jesse! :-) Ur videos helped me so much!thx.. just have a big problem ...I watched ur video for improving kiai but still cant do it... :| everyone tell me u sound like a goat.(anyway ,I dont care;/) but plllllzzzz help me I need it for my kata and kumite too..
  • Jonathan Zundel
    Hey There Jesse! I love your YouTube videos. Are you aware of Funakoshi Karate. This is not to he confused with Shotokan. It was founded in the 1960s by Edwin J. Ward. He is still alive and in his 80s. He is a dear friend of mine, I don't think you have ever had a karate training experience as unique. It is thinking mans karate. I am not a member of his system currently but I think you owe it to your viewers to look him up.
  • Fernando De La Via
    I've been practicing karate since I'm 10 years old. I've practiced it for 15 years now. And at this point I've practiced more martial arts because to be honest karate was getting boring for me. But I've always loved karate and I will always do. With this guide, I discovered a whole new world, I thought karate was too traditional and it had no flexibility at all, that's the reason I started practicing other martial arts like kick-boxing and bjj through the years. This was good for me at the beginning, learning something new is always great, but it never felt as good as doing karate, not only because it's what I'm good at, but because I love the philosophy and history of karate, these factors in my opinion are what make karate more a martial art than a sport and being able to practice a martial art with all that foundation doesn't compare to anything. Thank you for this Jesse-san you've opened my eyes to a whole new world, in which researching on other styles and techniques is the right way to practice karate, I've never been more proud to be a karate practitioner.pd: I love your youtube videos,I took some tips from there and I'm always waiting for the next thing you'll post, keep up the great work.
  • Frederico Soares Camargo
    Hola. Acabo de recibir el email con las 25 "leyes" de krt nerds.... fantástico. También he recibido el primero correo de los siete...esperando ansioso los otros. Hacer cuando hacen un seminario por Europa y podre ir... Saludos desde Mallorca

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